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Behind The Menu - Red River Brewing Company

Episode 9 of “Behind the Menu” heads west to visit a kitchen that has taken hold in Red River, New Mexico. Sharon and Michael Calhoun opened Red River Brewing Company 4 years ago to showcase high-quality locally brewed craft beer. Since then, their brewery and restaurant have taken off in a space many thought they couldn’t sustain. The Calhoun’s sat down to share with us their steps to fill seats in a large dining room and the importance of the local community enjoying their restaurant on days when the tourists head out.

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Behind The Menu - Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine

There are few names that are more synonymous with the Fort Worth food scene than Bonnell’s. In episode 7 of the “Behind the Menu” series, the man behind that name, Jon Bonnell, shares his story. Jon walks through his unique path to becoming a chef, an inside look at his three staple stores, and the importance of local shops and restaurants. Remember: Eat Local. Eat Often.

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Behind The Menu - County Line Bar-B-Q

Episode 6 of “Behind the Menu” heads down south to the capital of the Lone Star State. From being the first dishwasher to co-owning the operation, Skeeter Miller has been involved with the iconic County Line Bar-B-Q of Austin, Texas, since the very beginning. Skeeter shares with us his journey through the business, the importance of our food associations, and his thoughts on why we should eat locally and remember: EAT LOCAL. EAT OFTEN.

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Behind The Menu - Catltemen’s Steakhouse

Episode 5 of the “Behind the Menu” takes us to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and their legendary stockyards to visit the oldest continually operated restaurant in the state, Cattlemen's Steakhouse. David Egan, Director of Operations, shares Cattlemen's rich history, his thoughts on what makes them successful, and the importance of the customer to local restaurants like his. Watch the full episode above and remember to EAT LOCAL. EAT OFTEN.

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Behind The Menu - El Pinto

Episode 4 of the “Behind the Menu” heads to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in search of the legendary green and red chiles that make this cuisine unique. “El Pinto” owner John Thomas and his brother took over their parents restaurant in 1989. Since then, it has exploded in popularity, being voted “Best of City” by Albuquerque Magazine. John sat down with us to share the history of this legendary spot, as well as the reason why its customers are so important to its success.

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Behind The Menu - El Palacio

Episode 3 of the “Behind the Menu” series takes place in a legendary Mexican restaurant in Ozark, Alabama: El Palacio. Twelve years ago, friends Kevin Smith and Ben Brown jumped at the opportunity to buy the long-time staple and have been enjoying the ride ever since. They shared with us insights on the delicious meals they’re known for and the incredible connection they have had with Ben E. Keith since the game-changing spring of 2020.

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Behind The Menu - Marcus Paslay

There is no establishment that identifies the culture of a community quite like its local restaurant, it’s about more than just food, it’s where memories are made. Our new series, “Behind the Menu,” will spotlight these local restaurants from around the country, telling their stories and the communities they call home. Our first episode features Chef Marcus Paslay of Fort Worth and his three restaurants, Clay Pigeon, Piattello Italian Kitchen, and Provender Hall. Please remember, eat local, eat often

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Admiral of The Fleet - Catfish Cake Recipe

Culinary Resource Team member Chef Patrick Mitchell shares his recipe for a Catfish Cake using our new Admiral of the Fleet Catfish


2ea       Admiral of the Fleet Catfish Filets

½ C      Diced sweet onion

1/2 C     green onion

1 tbsp   Chopped capers

1 tbsp   Chopped parsley

1 tbsp   creole mustard

2 tbsp   Mayonnaise

1 tsp      Old Bay Seasoning

1 ea       whole egg scrambled

1 ½         panko bread crumbs



Season filets with McCormick Cajun seasoning and add a tablespoon of olive oil over filets. Roast in the oven for 3-5 minutes at 350 degrees.  Remove filets from oven and let cool, flake cooled filets in a bowl and add green onion,  capers, parsley, white onion, mayo, egg, panko, old bay seasoning, and creole mustard. Mix well and form into patties.

Pan fry in olive oil over medium heat until golden brown.

Sever with coleslaw garnish with parsley and a lemon wedge

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Admiral of The Fleet - Catfish Po’Boy Recipe

Culinary Resource Team member Chef Patrick Mitchell shares his recipe for a Catfish Po'Boy using our Admiral of the Fleet Catfish.



1 ea       Admiral of the Fleet Catfish Fillet

2 C          Golden Dipt Fish Fry Meal

2 oz        Remoulade Sauce

1 ea       French bread – 6” long

1 ea       Lettuce Leaf (or shredded lettuce)

2 oz        Garlic butter

2 ea       Slices of tomato

6 ea       Dill Pickle Slices

Salt & Black Pepper to taste



Bread the catfish fillets with the Old South breading and fry in hot oil.

Split the French bread and brush with the garlic butter. Toast the French bread on a griddle on the buttered side of the bread.

When the Catfish fillet is done, remove and blot on a paper towel. Season with salt and black pepper then place on the bottom half of the French bread. Spread some of the remoulade sauce on the bottom piece of bread then place the lettuce on the sauce. On top of the lettuce, shingle the sliced tomato then the pickle slices and top it with the fried catfish fillet. Drizzle the remoulade sauce over top of the catfish and close the sandwich.

Serve with appropriate condiments.

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Admiral of The Fleet - Catfish Taco Recipe

Culinary Resource Team member Chef Patrick Mitchell shares his recipe for Catfish Tacos using our Admiral of the Fleet Catfish.



1 ea       Admiral of the Fleet Catfish Fillet (5-7oz)

1 Tbsp   Clarified Butter

1 Tbsp   McCormick’s Bayou Cajun Seasoning

3 ea       4” Flour Tortillas

¼ C         Pico de Gallo

1 C          Shredded Cabbage

3 ea       Lime wedges

¼ C         Cilantro lime Aioli

12 ea     Cilantro leaves



Place catfish fillet on a buttered pan and season with the Bayou Cajun seasoning. Place in a 350°F oven and bake for about 3 to 5 minutes, depending on thickness, until cooked through. (the fish can also be cooked on the flat top or in a sauté pan).

When the fish is cooked, cut into strips and begin to build the tacos.

Place 2 – 3 strips of fish in a flour tortilla then top with some Pico de Gallo then top with some of the shredded cabbage. Finish with a drizzle of cilantro aioli and top with fresh cilantro leaves.

Serve on a plate with fresh lime wedges.

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