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Admiral of The Fleet - Catfish Po’Boy Recipe

Culinary Resource Team member Chef Patrick Mitchell shares his recipe for a Catfish Po'Boy using our Admiral of the Fleet Catfish.



1 ea       Admiral of the Fleet Catfish Fillet

2 C          Golden Dipt Fish Fry Meal

2 oz        Remoulade Sauce

1 ea       French bread – 6” long

1 ea       Lettuce Leaf (or shredded lettuce)

2 oz        Garlic butter

2 ea       Slices of tomato

6 ea       Dill Pickle Slices

Salt & Black Pepper to taste



Bread the catfish fillets with the Old South breading and fry in hot oil.

Split the French bread and brush with the garlic butter. Toast the French bread on a griddle on the buttered side of the bread.

When the Catfish fillet is done, remove and blot on a paper towel. Season with salt and black pepper then place on the bottom half of the French bread. Spread some of the remoulade sauce on the bottom piece of bread then place the lettuce on the sauce. On top of the lettuce, shingle the sliced tomato then the pickle slices and top it with the fried catfish fillet. Drizzle the remoulade sauce over top of the catfish and close the sandwich.

Serve with appropriate condiments.

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