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Ventura Sauce Craft

Be Innovative, Be Brave with new flavors from Sauce Craft! Running a restaurant calls to the brave and bold, and bravery required by operators is at an all-time high. Serving what’s proven. Simplifying menus. Looking to streamline everyday efforts. With expert innovation, trusted insights, and rigorous testing, Sauce Craft™ supports your journey to deliver the bold flavors consumers demand.

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PRODUCT Information

Be innovative. Be brave. Be the flavor your customers crave. Flavors that build loyalty and Excitement with heat-seeking customers using these adventurous and ethnic flavors on your menu. These new, ready-to-use Sauce Craft™ flavors ensure you have menu offerings with fast-growing and high demand flavors

• Universally known and versatile flavors that can be applied to ethnic and American dishes.

• Easily serve up the flavor combinations consumers seek

• Versatile and on-trend flavors


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