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Trident Salmon Burgers

Trident Seafoods' Wild Alaska Salmon Burger satisfies your hunger with a lean, moist, meaty, and flavorful salmon patty. It is made with the finest wild, ocean-caught, deep-skinned Alaska Salmon, blended with a secret recipe of herbs and spices, resulting in a most flavorful burger.


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Admiral of the Fleet Blue Swimming Crab Meat

Admiral of the Fleet's crab meat is crafted from premium blue swimming crab, sourced from Indonesia, the largest producing regionfor this species. The meat boasts a smooth texture, a fresh flavor reminiscent of the sea, and a creamy, milky color. 

Renowned for its delicate texture and rich taste, blue swimming crab meat is commonly used in seafood dishes such as crab cakes, crab salads, and crab bisques. Its luscious white meat adds a touch of luxury to pasta dishes, risottos, and sushi rolls. Whether enjoyed as a standalone delicacy or incorporated into complex recipes, blue swimming crab meat elevates the dining experience with its distinctive taste and adds a gourmet touch to a wide array of gastronomic delights.


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Sara Lee Angel Food Cake

Unlock new possibilities with our versatile Angel Food Cake, a favorite for all ages and a delicious alternative for those with dietary restrictions. Now featuring a tempting twist with our new Strawberry flavor, stimulate your creativity with our recipes to delight taste buds and grow your profits simultaneously.




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Follow the links below for some fantastic recipe ideas with our new Angel Food Cake!

Strawberry Matcha Latte Cake 

Strawberry angel food cake soaked in a mixture of matcha latte and evaporated milk, topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Strawberry "Tiramisu" 

Strawberry angel food cake layered with vanilla Greek yogurt and strawberries topped with a cocoa flavored whipped cream.

Strawberry Lime "Tea Sandwiches" 

Strawberry angel food cake cut into small “bread” slices. Filled with fresh sliced strawberries and ricotta blended with sweetened lime juice.

Ellington Farms Corned Beef

Tender and carefully seasoned, Ellington Farms corned beef is made of USDA choice brisket. This made-to-order product has expectional corned beef flavor and tenderness and has exceptional yield. 




Kelley Foods Breakfast Sausage

Our precooked breakfast sausage is made from 100% fresh pork and made in small batches for consistency.

Nearly 3 in 4 Americans like to eat sausage for breakfast, which has lead to steady growth in the breakfast and fresh sausage categories in recent years. It's a perfect time to add breakfast sausage to your menu!



Ellington Farms Corn Dogs

The big game calls for your favorite sports foods. Why wouldn't you feature a corn dog on your menu?With the use of top quality ingredients and a variety of offerings, Ellington Farms can provide the perfect corn dog for you game menu. 


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Admiral of the Fleet Atlantic Cod Loins

Admiral of the Fleet cod loins are sourced straight from their native waters in the Atlantic. These filets are caught in cold water and use IQF techniques, guaranteeing you the freshest of seafood.


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Ellington Farms Potato Tots

Ellington tots are a perfect canvas for your restaurant! Menued as a side or appetizer, Potato Tots can be utilized across multiple dayparts and customized to create the cornerstone of a great signature dish.

A labor saver and a perfect centerpiece for sports viewing, these tots are essential for you menu as you prepare for the big game!


Recipe Ideas 
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Lamb Weston Extra Crispy Fries

According to Lamb Weston's study, crispiness is the #1 driver for your guests when it comes to fries – even more important than temperature! The truth is, the crispier your fries, the more your guests will love them. Click the link below to learn more!



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Surimi by Trident Foods

Trident Seafoods’ surimi products are made with Wild Alaska Pollock or Pacific whiting, two abundant, certified-sustainable wild species with characteristics that make them perfectly suited as the main ingredient in high quality surimi products.

Caught in the icy, pristine waters of Alaska, Alaska pollock has lean, snow-white meat, delicate, flaky texture, and a mild flavor. Pacific whiting is another member of the whitefish family, also with a flaky texture and mild flavor. It is caught off the coasts of Washington and Oregon. To make surimi, the fish is combined with other ingredients and flavoring and shaped into a vast number of forms.

More on Surimi

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Sara Lee® New Chocolate French Cream Cheesecake

Popular in a wide range of healthcare facilities, educational, and commercial restaurants, our Classic French Cream Cheesecakes are delicious, convenient, and labor-saving. Simply thaw and serve or customize and add an upcharge to create a profitable, memorable dessert experience. 

Sara Lee's new Chocolate French Cream Cheesecake (BEK 192583) joins our Classic Plain French Cheesecake (BEK 415120) to enhance your menu and boost your profits.

Rethink French Cream Cheesecake - Now Available in Chocolate

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Cholula: The Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce

You love to give your customers the very best. And Cholula® is just that. From our beloved original hot sauce to our new pre-blended seasoning mixes, Cholula’s authentic Mexican flavor brightens up any meal. So, whether you’re trying to step up those huevos rancheros in the kitchen, or your patrons want to add a little bite into their burrito at the table, Cholula is what you should reach for this Cinco de Mayo.


How Cholula delivers quality, Authentic Mexican Flavor:

  • Unique and high-quality ingredients
  • Authentic Mexican heritage
  • Premium and distinctive packaging



Leon’s Jalitos

Why compromise when the best cost no more? Jalitos come in several flavors and filling to offer variety without causing confusion by trying to stuff everything in the world into a jalapeno. Ne them pre-cooked? Our cream and cheddar jalitos come already pre-cooked to meet non-frying situations.



Create a Slam Dunk Menu

Did you know 80% of guests have a high interest in apps, burgers, and sandwiches when it comes to LTOs around sports? UFS is here to help you and your team plan a slam dunk menu. Check out these recipe ideas that your guests are sure to love while they enjoy the madness of the season!


Vegan Fried Cauliflower Tacos with Hellmann’s®/Best Foods®

Sriracha Ramen Burger Sliders with Hellmann’s®/Best Foods® Spicy Mayo

Pulled Chicken Nachos with Knorr® Professional


Looking for more inspiration behind trends or delivery tips? Come here to download a FREE trend guide and for tips to improve your off-premise game.

New! Dairy Free Yoplait® ParfaitPro®

Plant based and dairy free foods are moving mainstream! Expand your menu’s appeal with NEW Yoplait® ParfaitPro® Dairy Free Yogurt alternative:

First and only dairy free yogurt alternative in a pre-perforated bulk bag format
Delivering dairy free deliciousness for all!
Dairy free yogurt retail sales are growing 14% every year!

In an easy-open, squeezable bag that simplifies prep and reduces waste!



Frank’s RedHot

Kick off football season and attract guests with fan-favorite, fiery flavors! Frank’s RedHot® is the brand your patrons love and ask for by name. Whether it’s for on- or off-premise dining, we’re here to help you score big with guests with different taste preferences.

The Inventor of Buffalo. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Frank's RedHot is the hot sauce that started the Buffalo wing craze in Buffalo, NY in 1964.

With a proprietary fermentation process that results in the Perfect Blend of Flavor and Heat™ consistently time after time, Frank’s RedHot brings unmistakable heat to almost any dish.

Patrons put that *SPLAT* on everything – and for reason. Frank’s RedHot® is America’s #1 hot sauce*.


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Idahoan & Honest Earth

Trust us to handle the prep so you can focus on bringing your culinary vision to life.

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For over 60 years, our passion has been to inspire culinary creativity with delicious, scratch-quality potatoes. We use only Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, world-renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. Our farmers take pride in being stewards of the land, employing sustainable practices to ensure quality from field to fork and the preservation of this special resource for generations to come. Our Fresh-Dried™ potatoes are then cooked using our proprietary method that honors the integrity of the potato. This innovative cooking method allows for a final dish that stands up to scratch-made potatoes while saving operators precious time and labor to deliver consistency and convenience with each batch. Operators can trust Idahoan® as their pantry hero, empowering them to bring their culinary vision to life.


In today’s foodservice world, we know it can be a struggle to provide guests with better-for-you options – without compromising taste or sacrificing time. Introducing Honest Earth® - a new line of plant-based, clean label speed-scratch sides by Idahoan® Foods.




Idahoan Recipes

Idahoan Blog

Why Fresh-Dried™ Mashed Potatoes Taste as Good as Scratch-Made

For more information, click below.


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The Idahoan® Secret

Why do our dehydrated potatoes look and taste so fresh-from-the ground?

Because they are.




With only one point of processing from the potato harvest to your kitchen, we deliver nothing but fresh potato flavor and texture—so you can serve the best-tasting, best-performing potatoes on the planet.

Idahoan’s one-touch process yields great taste and texture–and more finished product!



Delicious, fresh-cut hash browns that always cook to a perfect golden brown. The large, consistent cuts provide outstanding plate coverage—and guests love the from scratch taste and texture.

Idahoan® Fresh Cut Hash Brown Potatoes

Lightly seasoned, fresh-cut shreds that shape easily into patties and cook to a beautiful golden brown, all while maintaining their natural texture.
Gluten free.



Rich, creamy sides that require only one pan to prepare. These cheesy dishes are a simple, savory answer to today’s comfort-food trend.

Idahoan® Au Gratin Potatoes

Peeled, sliced 100% Idaho® potatoes in a savory, seasoned cheese sauce.
Allergens: soy, milk. Gluten free.



Gourmet potatoes with chef-inspired touches like buttery seasonings and bits of skin and lumps. These are signature potatoes at their best.

Idahoan Premium Buttery Golden Selects® Mashed Potatoes

A creamy blend of 100% Idaho® russet and golden potatoes, buttered and seasoned to perfection.
Allergens: soy, milk. Gluten free.


Save Big Money between now and the end of November 2013 on
Idahoan Mashed Potato Cups & Customer Appreciation Coupons!


Sauce Craft in the Kitchen

Ventura is thrilled to be partnering with renowned chef influencers Sam the Cooking Guy, Stephen Cusato, Michael Ligier and Byron Talbott to create innovative, bold dishes with Sauce Craft’s incredible line of versatile products. Tune in to this page to follow along as each new dish is dropped.


For more information, head to the site below.  

Sauce Craft

Bellacibo Primo Olive Oils

Our full-bodied Premium Oils are cold-pressed using olives grown and harvested exclusively from the best regions of the Mediterranean.  This is the quintessential everyday oil, whether you’re looking for a kitchen staple to use across the board or you’re looking for a specific type to complement a variety of dishes.  Well balanced between fruit and spice, perfect for roasting, baking, dressings and marinades.

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Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from East Asia, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He developed not only a new product but also a unique marketing concept and launched Red Bull Energy Drink in Austria on April 1, 1987. A completely new product category was born – energy drinks. In 2021, over 9.8 billion cans of red bull were sold in a calendar year.

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Bring on the Southern flavors! Hellmann’s®, LeGout®, and Knorr® Professional make it easy for you to put your own twist on trending and Southern classic dishes.

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Check out these easy-to-follow recipes that give the taste of Southern hospitality:

Smoky ‘n Spicy Ranch Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Beef Mac Bowl
Spinach, Artichoke and Bacon Pizza

Searching for more Southern-inspired menu items that customers will love? Don’t forget to check out our Southern Flavors Trend Guide

Frito Lay

Fritos is inherently recognized as a brand that has shown up for generation after generation, whether at mealtime occasions or as a snack. It’s the chip down for any dip, meal, and any moment at our family gatherings or at our community events, and has a lasting tie to our roots. Fritos is a tradition. Those brand values are what make Fritos the stand-up chip that it is.

Pillsbury Croissants

As consumers look for premium options across the menu, the demand for high quality, European-inspired croissants is rising. Several foodservice operators offer croissants on their menus as consumers plan to increase croissant ordering in the next 12 months. ¹ Choose Pillsbury™ Freezer-to-Oven Croissants for freezer to flawless perfection and provide high-quality croissants that are sure to delight your patrons.


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Ellington Farms Corn Dogs

Starting with top-quality ingredients, and adding special attention to customer’s preferences, a cult following is born. Ellington Farm’s delicious premium franks are dipped into a honey, cornmeal batter and cooked in a cholesterol-free oil until golden brown.


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Full of flavor and a fan favorite that spans both young and old alike. Versatile across amusement parks, stadiums, schools, daycares, and restaurants, this crowd-pleaser is an easy and accessible addition to your menu.

All meat franks are bursting with flavor and a quality consistency on which you can rely. The only question you need to answer is ketchup or mustard?

Pillsbury Single-Serve Brownies and Bars

Introducing Single-Serve Brownies and Bars, the newest way to offer premium indulgence anytime, anywhere. A sure way to satisfy any sweet tooth, these decadent treats are low labor, require minimal handling for increased safety, and have the Pillsbury™ quality you can count on.

It’s as simple as this: you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Foodservice is seeing a trend toward higher-quality desserts and smaller portion sizes.¹ The small portion sizes of these treats will give customers just the right amount of sweet, without having to share. Our molten-center brownies will give an elevated feel to any operation, and the bars’ decadent layers will keep them coming back for more.

Bellacibo Cheese

Bellacibo starts with the World's premium cheeses, then converts them to the styles & sizes operators need. With Bellacibo Brand Cheeses, you can count on delivering the kind of taste that our customers demand.


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Rancher’s Legacy Patties

Rancher’s Legacy Meat Co. offers a multitude of patty options that vary in size, shape, dimension, lean-point, seasoning, and packaging.  We use Tender-Form® Technology to form our patties to ensure superior cooking results. The shelf life of our patties is 21-days for fresh patties and 12 months for frozen patties without the loss of quality or performance.


Rancher's Legacy Patties

Hebrew National

People will dress their hot dogs in a variety of ways this summer. No matter what you choose to put on top of your dog, when buying the hot dog, buy the best. Hebrew National® Beef Franks use only premium cuts of beef from the front half of the cow.

PRODUCT Information

That’s just one of the ways that a kosher dog is different. Hebrew National Beef Franks are also free of fillers, by-products, or artificial colors and flavors so you can be sure you’re getting only the very best. For more on Hebrew National, visit their site at


Regular Cola Transitioners are looking for a great tasting, re-energizing new option while making small, healthier changes in their diet.  Pepsi Zero Sugar is here to fit the need and does not compromise on taste.   Differentiating itself from Diet, Zero skews younger and male and over-indexes with Gen Z and Gen X.  Make sure to complete your beverage lineup and include Pepsi Zero Sugar in your next order.

McCormick For Chefs

When it comes to game day, wings are king! �� From mild to wild or dry to wet, @McCormickForChefs has the wing flavors consumers are looking for.

Save on Cholula Hot Sauce


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Frank’s RedHot:  Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Frank's RedHot® is the hot sauce that started the Buffalo wing craze in Buffalo, NY in 1964. It delivers the perfect blend of flavor and heat™ with versatility across all menu parts. With a wide range of flavor in our portfolio, Frank's RedHot® is the #1 hot sauce brand in America in both the back of house and consumer retail markets.

Cholula:  Made in Mexico since its inception and is named after the oldest inhabited city in the country. The complex flavor comes from a family recipe that has been handed down through many generations, blending native arbol and pequin peppers with an array of regional spices. From our distinctive wooden cap, to the delicious sauce inside, every bottle of Cholula is a celebration of great food, flavor, and our Mexican roots.

OLD BAY:  The iconic flavor of OLD BAY, now in a hot sauce! Tangy with just the right amount of heat and seasoned with OLD BAY’s unique blend of 18 herbs and spices, it makes all kinds of food all kinds of awesome. Born in Baltimore over 75 years ago and known by seafood lovers, OLD BAY is finding exciting new applications by chefs nationwide.

Armanino Chimichurri

Chimichurri is a bright green herb sauce that originated in Argentina as a condiment for grilled meats—and today it’s turning up on menus all across America. Ours is a vibrant blend of parsley, lime, garlic, jalapeño, cilantro and spices. It’s a colorful and flavor-packed finishing sauce for grilled steaks and chops, and it’s also an excellent marinade and ingredient

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Stouffers Lasagna

Stouffer's Awesome Lasagna. Premium ingredients come together in a classic scratch-style recipe that offers the added appeal of plant-based protein.

Free Case Offer

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Made with Nestlé Sweet Earth™ plant-based protein that delivers the taste and texture of ground beef. This new lasagna is made with creamy, low-fat ricotta, low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese, Asiago, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. Crafted with our freshly made, hand-layered noodles, and savory, scratch-style tomato sauce this lasagna is sure to be a hit. No preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors!



Waste reduction is a challenge facing the entire food and beverage industry, but it can be addressed with a combination of different initiatives and tactics. Read more.

At Nestlé Professional, our goal is to support our customers in the food service industry, helping to share insights and knowledge of the emerging trends, important issues, and best practices you need to Make More Possible.  Learn more.

Conscientious operators have embraced ethical sourcing, social responsibility, and green operations to increase sustainability in food service. See how.

C.H. Guenther & Son

Let the gravy experts enhance your menu offerings with C. H. Guenther & Son gravy mixes.  Our gravies are the perfect topping to biscuits, chicken fried steaks, chicken tenders, vegetables and more.  These versatile gravy mixes can also be used to create endless sauces and cream soups, to keep your food costs low!


Browse Recipes

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Snack and Dessert Solutions. While 2020 was a year dedicated to nostalgic comfort foods, consumers are beginning to look ahead for fresh flavors and new ways to enjoy familiar favorites.

Summer 2021 Flavor Trends

Oreo & Friends Recipe Cards

PRODUCT Information

Now, consumers are facing 2021 with a renewed focus on foods as sources of health and well-being. From glazes to baked goods, cocktails to mocktails, consumers want foods and drinks that taste good and make them feel great. We can expect to see more menu claims that call out functional benefits, vitamins, immunity boosting and plant-based attributes in the coming year.Scroll our gallery to see the top trending flavors for summer 2021 and easy ideas to incorporate them into your menus.

General Mills

Try the Pillsbury™ Place & Bake™ Frozen Scone Dough Jalapeno Cheddar for the perfect frozen scone dough in an easy, freezer-to-oven format and made with biscuit-like dough. Consistently delivers scratch-like quality with the dual texture of a moist interior and a crispy exterior. No thawing required - just separate, place, bake, and serve.

More Details

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Sara Lee Premium Mini Cheesecakes

Smooth and creamy cheesecake covered with a sweet blend of strawberry puree and real strawberry pieces on a vanilla shortbread cookie crust.

PRODUCT Information

Single-serve convenience for simple indulgence, packaged for easy, anytime enjoyment made with real cream cheese, real fruit, and natural flavors. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Colors from artificial sources, No Artificial Flavors. Kosher KVH-D

McCormick Portion Control Cups and Packs

As the takeout and delivery landscape evocondiment solutions to help you keep up! Provide patrons with safe, convenient ways to customize their meals with our Portion Control Dip Cups and Portion Control Packs.

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Introducing our NEW! Portion Control Dip Cups: Cattlemen’s® Kansas City Classic, Frank’s® RedHot® Buffalo Dipping Sauce, and French’s® Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce.

All pre-sealed for increased safety and designed to save operators time and labor costs. The dip cups are the perfect enhancement for carryout and delivery orders. 1.5 oz dip cups are packed 96 per case.

The original Portion Control Packets are also available from the brands your patrons love and trust!

Ventura Sauce Craft

Be Innovative, Be Brave with new flavors from Sauce Craft! Running a restaurant calls to the brave and bold, and bravery required by operators is at an all-time high. Serving what’s proven. Simplifying menus. Looking to streamline everyday efforts. With expert innovation, trusted insights, and rigorous testing, Sauce Craft™ supports your journey to deliver the bold flavors consumers demand.

Save up to $250! Click here for the rebate form



PRODUCT Information

Be innovative. Be brave. Be the flavor your customers crave. Flavors that build loyalty and Excitement with heat-seeking customers using these adventurous and ethnic flavors on your menu. These new, ready-to-use Sauce Craft™ flavors ensure you have menu offerings with fast-growing and high demand flavors

• Universally known and versatile flavors that can be applied to ethnic and American dishes.

• Easily serve up the flavor combinations consumers seek

• Versatile and on-trend flavors


SSDC and Ben E. Keith Odyssey Program

Discover the essential cleaning products of the Ben E. Keith Odyssey Program. Use this easy, comprehensive system to keep your kitchens safe and sanitized, by SSDC.

PRODUCT Information

Program Highlights include:

  1. $450 Starter Kit Included at no cost which includes all regulatory compliance information like SDS, Wallcharts, Spray Bottles, Spray Bottle Racks and Training Aids.
  1. The system is Installed and Serviced by SSDC, and is Health Department Friendly.
  1. The System is a closed Loop so that there is no free pouring or glugging of products.
  1. Products are safe to be in a food service establishment.
  1. On-going Training is provided by SSDC when needed.

For more information, contact your DSR.

Dart Takeout Containers

Made of PET, ClearPac® SafeSeal™ containers are specifically designed to inhibit tampering, eliminating the need for shrink bands and wrap labels. The TamperAlert Hinge protrudes outward when torn, alerting the customer that the container has been opened. The hinge remains attached to the container, for no loose plastic pieces. ClearPac SafeSeal containers function as an easy to re-close and re-open, leak resistant two piece container once the hinge is torn. ClearPac SafeSeal has exceptional performance in cold temperatures and accommodates freezing down to -22°F.

Made of recyclable PET ♳

PRODUCT Information

Georgia Pacific Tri-Tower Dispenser

90% of patrons prefer the SmartStock® Tri-Tower dispenser over bulk bins of wrapped and unwrapped cutlery.  70% of patrons believe open bins of unwrapped cutlery are unhygienic.

PRODUCT Information

The new Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® is a fully enclosed, touchless dispenser. The high capacity dispensers hold up the 390 utensils, and its one-at-a-time, automatic dispensing ensures the user only touches the cutlery they use. The innovation solution can improve hygiene, reduce waste, all while leaving your counter space looking clean and organized. Upgrade your image with a custom skin that showcases your brand message.

LeGout Cream Soup Base

Guests expect clean ingredients and demand great taste.  LeGout Cream Soup Base is gluten-free, vegetarian, no added MSG, free from artificial flavors / preservatives, and made with colors from natural sources. The menu creations are endless!


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Bonici Meatballs

Italian-style flavor pairs well with many different sauced applications and flavors for menuing versatility.

Bonici Bonless Wings

Made with whole muscle white meat for the same premium bite and texture of whole muscle but without the price.

Bonici Sausage

Fully cooked product saves your back-of-house staff time and labor, and curbs food safety concerns.


Versatility with flavor. Bonici’s portfolio offers an extensive line of Italian products that help commercial operators create an authentic Italian experience. Their lineup of fresh meats, including sausage, pork and beef toppings, give you options from all-meat to moderately extended, from small to large chunk style, from premium to economical. 

Southeast BBQ

Southeast BBQ sauce best in the country. Hook'em Horns! 

Cambro - Freshness Contained

Cambro understands how critical it is to keep perishable foods in the best environment possible.

Freshness Contained is the perfect guide to help you confidently store your fruits and vegetables in the safest way possible and in the right container every time!

Freshness Contained offers operators food storage solutions that are not only designed to retain the freshness of perishable foods but also the quality, appearance, flavor and nutritional value for as long as possible.

for more info visit

Cambro - Kitchen

Putting the right processes in place to ensure the food you prepare and serve your customers is safe will go a long way toward protecting your customers, your brand and your business.

That’s why Cambro® has developed StoreSafe Store Fresh. A combination of Cambro products, processes, and training, StoreSafe Store Fresh supports HACCP best practices at all critical points of foodservice from receiving, prep and holding, to serving, delivery, and cleaning.

for more info visit

Rembrandt Foods - Cooked Peeled Eggs

Foodservice trends are constantly changing, but eggs continue to play a key role and are gaining in popularity at all mealtimes. Whether consumers are looking for comfort foods, clean protein sources, or colorful new dishes, Rembrandt eggs can meet those needs.

Rembrandt Foods - Liquid Eggs

Rembrandt offers a wide assortment of egg blends and pre-cooked eggs for all foodservice occasions. Their products require minimal handling and allow for easy portion control. Use Rembrandt’s egg products for efficiency in the kitchen and safer meal preparation.


Putting the right processes in place to ensure the food you prepare and serve to your customers is safe will go a long way toward protecting your customers, your brand and your business.

That’s why Cambro® has developed StoreSafe Store Fresh®, their comprehensive approach to food safety while maintaining optimal freshness and food quality.

A combination of Cambro products, processes, and training, StoreSafe Store Fresh supports HACCP best practices at all critical points of foodservice from receiving, prep and holding, to serving, delivery, and cleaning.

Rembrandt Foods

It all started with a cornfield and a common vision of a vertically-integrated egg product solution, managing the entire process from grain to finished product.

This vision led Rembrandt Foods® to become a leading egg ingredient producer in the United States, with global distribution. They supply egg ingredients to food manufacturers, brand owners, foodservice industries, and pet care manufacturers.

Their expertise touches virtually every food category, including mayonnaise and sauces, baked goods, confections, pasta and noodles, nutritional beverages and bars, and prepared foods.


Cherry, grape, heirloom, hot house, sundried, whatever your pleasure, one thing is for certain. Tomatoes stretch across dayparts and segments as a key ingredient in many busy kitchens. Our year-round supply from trusted growers keeps you at your ready.

Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls

Pillsbury Brand's devotion to community and planet drives the way they give back and do business.  A global company with many familiar brands in their care, and ranked one of the top 20 companies in the U.S., their commitment always comes back to their customers.​  At General Mills, it’s been more than 150 years of making food with passion and treating the world with care.  Pillsbury and Nature Valley are just two of the brands that customers know and trust.  Bring that quality into your kitchen and serve with pride.​

PRODUCT Information

Frozen cinnamon twirls in an easy, freezer-to-oven format with no proofing and no thawing required. Made with biscuit-like dough, they bake to a flaky, golden brown with a moist, tender center with sweet, cinnamon filling and distinctive, scratch-like appearance. Offer traditional cinnamon roll taste without all the work of scratch.

Ellington Farms Onion Rings

For the culinary astute, advanced food hobbyist, or elegant diner, Ellington Farms presents premium products that discerning customers have come to demand. Elevate your status with menu offerings that out-shine your competition. Selectively preferred.  See our full line of offerings that bring people together through great tasting food.

PRODUCT Information

Made with no artificial colors or flavors.  That means natural goodness you’ll be proud to serve. This classic is always a favorite.  Made with the finest quality onions. Ellington Farms onion rings are delicious on their own or paired with a flight of sauces and dips.


You take food safety seriously. At Markon, we share this passionate dedication to providing safe fruits and vegetables and we work diligently to meet your high standards. Markon has created measurable metrics to ensure your fresh produce is both delicious and as safe as possible. 

5-Star Food Safety Program

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Ventura Sauces

Whether you are building out new creations that focus on seasonal, regional, and local cuisines, or serving up tried and true favorites, Ventura’s line of sauces complements any addition. 

Bold flavors and fresh ingredients are perfect for your big or small plates.

Tyson Boneless wings

Tyson boneless chicken wings. If you’re familiar with the wings business, you understand that while there are die-hard bone-in wing customers, boneless wings can result in a significant increase in check averages. According to the NPD Group, 38% of your guests purchase only boneless wings. It’s clear that this is a serious audience and one not to ignore. Give your customers what they want!

PRODUCT Information

Leverage a growing trend with 3 customer-favorite boneless wings from Tyson. Offer customers a great wing-eating experience and an easier dipping option.  Add your bold flavors and customer demand skyrockets. Boneless wings are a top customer-preferred chicken appetizer.  Put them on your menu today.


Introducing a new private brand, exclusive to Ben E. Keith: BELLACIBO. Offering truly Italian-inspired cuisine, Bellacibo elevates any menu with the rich and bold flavors of Italy. Pasta is just the beginning. 

Additional new products to enhance offerings will include grated parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper flakes, 25 Italian cheeses, tomato products, olive oils, Italian meats, and many more items! Inspired, culinary Italian ingredients for your customers.

PRODUCT Information

New Items from Ben E Keith Oklahoma - September 2019

Check out the New Items available from Ben E. Keith Oklahoma.

Land O’Lakes

Versatile Sauces. High-quality, high-performance, virtually unbreakable. Taste for yourself why these are consumer favorites and tap into the trends diners are craving.

PRODUCT Information

"Loaded Tots" is the fastest-growing appetizer across menus, with 4-Year Growth of +183% Source: Datassential MenuTrends, February 2021 46% of consumers look forward to signature cheese dishes at restaurants Source: Datassential Cheese and Dairy Keynote Report, May 2020 73% of operators purchase ready-to-use products featuring cheese Source: Datassential Cheese and Dairy Keynote Report, May 2020 Beer Cheese is trending with 4-Year Menu Growth of +114%! Source: Datassential FLAVOR, February 2020


McCormick has a passion for flavor. Flavor is at the heart of everything they do. They offer flavor expertise and insights that help propel the food industry, and their work inspires great-tasting, healthy food choices.

They have an unmatched track record in safety and integrity and strive to be transparent in everything they do. Invite your customers along on their quest for global flavor.

Recipe: Baked Green Bean Fries

Recipe: Cheesy Buffalo Tots

BelGioioso Provolone

Created from a recipe rich in tradition, BelGioioso Provolone carries on a legacy of good taste. Never smoked or bleached, this cheese is crafted from fresh local milk, brined, roped, and hung to age in special curing rooms to develop its signature flavor and tantalizing aroma. 

Recipe: Mild Provolone Lasagna

BelGioioso Mozzarella

Made from fresh, local milk gathered only a few hours after milking, BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella begins with quality ingredients and care. The result is a delicate, clean-flavored Fresh Mozzarella with a soft, porcelain white appearance – the finest available on the market today. 

Recipe:  Stuffed Turkey Meatballs

1906 Sauces

Barbecue, both as a flavor and as a preparation method, continues to be a leading preference for poultry, beef, and pork among consumers. 43.8% of Top 500 chain operators feature barbecue.

Barbecue entrees, such as barbecue chicken pizzas and barbecue chicken sandwiches, continue to find favor, but also for barbecue sides and add-ons (the fastest-growing meal parts with barbecue) find more momentum.

Belgioioso Parmesan

Huge wheels are created by BelGioioso Master Cheesemakers, using fresh milk gathered daily from local farmers. This Premium Parmesan cheese is allowed to mature a minimum of 18 months on wooden shelves in their special caves. During this process, each wheel is hand-turned to ensure proper aging and develop its deep, nutty flavor and granular texture.

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Recipe Idea:  


The BelGioioso story began over a century ago when the great-grandfather of BelGioioso President, Errico Auricchio, founded a cheese company based on a philosophy of excellence. 

Today, they manufacture, age, package, and ship over twenty-five varieties of specialty cheese with new cheeses continuously in development. Tradition, selection of ingredients, location, and artisan inspiration are cardinal pillars that makes their cheesemakers the greatest interpreters of the best Italian cheeses in the US.

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Michael Foods

What does it mean to be “First in Food”? It means crafting game-changing products and providing unmatched support, creating ultimate value for customers and the consumers who love their brands.

Whether you're looking for innovative foodservice solutions or food ingredients, with Michael Foods, you'll get the highest-quality products and most satisfying taste experiences. Discover why they're first in food. 

BBQ Rub Deviled Eggs

Jalapeno Corn Egg Muffins

Otis Spunkmeyer Cakes

Their mini cupcakes and snack cakes are moist, delicious, and packed with sweet goodness. Try their mini loaf cakes in a variety of flavors including iced lemon and cinnamon crumb today!

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Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins

Their soft cakey breakfast muffins are made without any artificial colors or flavors and available in both our traditional size and mini muffins. Have one or have a bunch!

Otis Spunkmeyer

At Otis Spunkmeyer, they’ve been dedicated to baking, experimenting, and creating delicious baked goods for over 40 years.

They are forever committed to making better treats with fewer ingredients and none of the funky stuff.

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From chocolate chip to chocolate chunk to their oatmeal raisin, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are loaded with quality ingredients like dark Swiss chocolate chunks, molasses, raisins, and none of the funky stuff.

Holten Meats Flat Iron Steak

A terrific choice for operators looking for a lower cost premium steak that still maintains quality, juiciness, and taste! USDA Choice. Easy to cook - just thaw and put on grill. Performs well under multiple cooking methods – flat grill, outdoor grill, or char grill. Can be used to replace Skirt and Flank Steaks in numerous recipes with less waste.

Holten Meats Beef Patties

Their beef patties are individually quick frozen at their plant to lock in freshness and superior taste. Ready to use when you are, for juicy burgers your customers will love. Varieties of packs and sizes to find just what you need for your business.

Holten Meats Salisbury Steak

A traditional American favorite menu item! Versatile - multiple uses Use in place of regular beef patties, as a center-of-the plate item, or as a gourmet entree. Comfort food made easy. Quick to prepare and serve. An economical choice. Choose Holten Meats.

Holten Meats

As a wholesale distributor of premium pork, beef, and smoked meats, they have acquired the reputation for delivering quality products across a variety of markets. 

A family business, since 1963, they understand the needs of their customers and are dedicated to providing the best meats to serve your customers.

Jennie-O Smoked Turkey Breast

The southern tang of JENNIE-O® Honey Mesquite Turkey Breast will make a sandwich you won't be able to stop biting into! It's been honey roasted and mesquite smoked for double the flavor in one fully cooked package.


Jennie-O Turkey Store believes that eating well shouldn’t come at the cost of taste. Since 1940, they’ve been in the business of delivering on that mantra.

From oven-roasted turkey breast to turkey pastrami, they’ve got your deli needs covered to make great tasting meals, snacks, and of course, nutritious and delicious sandwiches.

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Turkey Pastrami

With an ideal blend of spices and seasoning, JENNIE-O® Turkey Pastrami is an amazing ingredient that can give your burger, salad or sandwich a boost!  It’s 95% fat free, so you can feel free to pile it on to feed your hungry customers.

44 Farms Chicken Fried Steak

44 Farms chicken fried steak is a southern classic, full of good memories, good times, and good eats. Satisfy your customers tastes for a hearty, downhome favorite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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44 Farms

As an industry leader in sustainable ranching, animal care, and breed research, 44 Farms is the largest registered Angus cattle producer in Texas and third-largest seed stock provider in the United States.

Cattle are raised with no added hormones, antibiotics or by-products as a part of the USDA Certified Never-Ever All Natural program, producing steaks with superior marbling, tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

Ellington Roasting Company Arabica

100% Arabica beans from Central and South America. Well balanced and smooth flavor with very pleasing aroma characteristics and a distinctive clean acidic finish. Light roast with a full body.​

Ellington Roasting Company Colombian

The bold 100% Colombian is blended with Supremo and Excelso beans to create a taste and aroma of unsurpassed quality and consistency. Has a rich sweet aroma, smooth flavor, and full body without a harsh or bitter taste.​

Ellington Roasting Company

These coffees are carefully blended and roasted to ensure a quality cup every time. Produced using the highest quality coffee beans that have been carefully selected, blended, and roasted to exacting specifications. ​

Developed for real coffee lovers, these offerings are specifically for the customers who want a more flavorful cup of coffee.​

Ajinomoto Windsor Cheese Sticks

Fred’s introduced the first breaded mozzarella cheese sticks, now a standard menu item for many establishments.  See why they are a fan favorite.

Ajinomoto Windsor Tortelini

The Bernadi tradition was started at Mona’s, a quaint Italian restaurant famous for its tortellini.  Today, the Bernadi family’s traditions live on, with care and dedication, for you to proudly serve your customers.

Ajinomoto Mozzarella

The foods at Ajinomoto Foods North America are crafted with the utmost care and respect, using only the finest ingredients for an ever-lasting flavor and memory. ​

They understand that their people are their most precious resource. Everything that they do, from their manufacturing practices to their corporate culture, builds upon that belief.​

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Rotella’s Breads

Fresh sandwiches, French toast, croutons, and tables breads alike, Rotella’s selection of bread loaves is sure to meet the needs of your operation. Their respect for tradition and innovation fuels their product line.​

Bread Loaf recipes

Rotella’s Buns

Rotella’s Italian Bakery strongly believes that every delicious hot dog and juicy beef patty deserves an equally delicious bun, and so do your customers.​

Fed & Foraged Burger Recipe


From a small, single-room operation to a nationally recognized leader – for 100 years, Rotella’s Italian Bakery has kept family values at the center of all we do. So even as we introduce new products, use the latest equipment and implement sustainable practices, one sentiment continues to hold true. “We wish you the very best, from the Rotella family.

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Rich’s Cinnamon Rolls

Soft, sweet bread dough made with rich cinnamon. Proof and bake format. The enticing aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls no customer can resist.  Pack a dozen up to go.


Rich’s Pizza Dough

Their crusts. Your canvas. As the leading national supplier of frozen doughs, crusts and flatbreads, they offer the full spectrum of consistent, convenient and craveably-customizable products that you can make your own. Good pizza starts with good crust.



As the leading national supplier of frozen doughs, crusts and flatbreads, they offer the full spectrum of consistent, convenient and craveably-customizable products that you can make your own. With Rich’s, you don’t need to be a cookie expert. Leave that to us. Let’s discover your sweet spot, together.

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Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese

One of their original recipes. A favorite for over 60 years. ​

Freshly made pasta in a 100% real cheddar cheese sauce.​


Serving great meals to friends & family since 1924, and they continue to move modern food forward with ingredients you can feel good about.  ​

Their world-class chefs and culinary experts are committed to creating dishes with the same quality ingredients your customers find at home.  Food for today.​

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The Black Angus of Pork

The Compart Pork Ribeye has new level of juicy, tenderness and robust flavor all on its own. The prime pork to enhance any dining experience.

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The National Pork Board's, (Des Moines, Iowa) report uncovers why consumers decide to eat the proteins they do and explores tactics foodservice operators can use to explore new flavors, dishes and menu formats. According to one Report  "Consumer-driven insights are critical to our mission of increasing demand for pork. We want to spur innovation in collaboration with foodservice leaders and demonstrate that having more pork in more forms on more menus can increase consumer satisfaction and help drive operator profitability." says one board member.  Source  This article also mentions some good informantion about key consumer insights and the three primary drivers for consumer decisions.  Continue reading

Choose Compart Pork Ribeye for your on point and on trend protein.

What’s Next for the Biscuit?

The global biscuits market is expected to reach USD 135 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5%. The market for biscuits is very promising. Source

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Increasing Demand for Convenience Food and Snacking Driving the Growth

Demand for biscuits is increasing due to the innovative packaging, new flavors, shapes, technologies. The major factors driving the growth of the biscuits market are the increasing preference for convenience and snacking. Expanding demand for healthy snacks and increase in per capita consumption in developing countries are also driving the global biscuits market. Full article

Another source says, before the end of 2025, the biscuit market is expected to reach a size of 109 billion 960 million dollars. According to the report, the global biscuit market is expected to achieve a strong annual compound growth rate of 4.7 percent on average, between 2017 and 2025.  Source

Ellington Farms Southern Style Biscuit dough is the brand everyboby loves.  Tall and fluffy biscuits, simple, just bake and serve.

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