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Grilling Season is Here

These last few weeks of scorching temps and sunny skies have let us know that summer is finally here. This favorite time of the year calls for a body of water, some icy beverages, and of course, firing up the grill. Grilled food doesn’t have to stop at the consumer’s home. As grilling food increases in popularity, it may be time for you to put more grilled items on the menu this summer.

Barbecue is King

When it comes to grilling season, there can be no doubt that barbecue is the king of this cuisine. Being outside with the smell of perfectly seasoned meat smoking or sizzling on the grill will be bringing your customers back for more.   BBQ menu items are a huge attraction in the summer months for restaurants, so make sure you have plenty of our 1855 Briskets with our 1906 BBQ Sauce on hand to feed the hungry crowds.   Set up your outside seating area in a creative way to have your consumers be a part of the occasion and be able to watch the pit masters at work.   Remember the sides are almost just as important as the meat! Mac & Cheese, coleslaw, beans are the staples that you should have ample amounts of.

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

Another staple for summer grilling is the burger.  Having the most fantastic burger on your menu gets you recognized and talked about for fourth of July plans.  Make your restaurant stand out from the rest with our Ranchers Legacy beef patties.  And don’t forget the real difference-maker for the perfect burger: quality toppings.   Using Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve produce will give you the freshest labor-saving options to create your masterpiece.  

Don’t’ Fry - Go Grilled!

With a much more health-conscious market, now would be a great time to introduce healthy grilled dishes to your menu.   Grilled seafood dishes are very healthy and a popular choice this time of year.   Grilled shrimp, salmon, or snapper are tasty, lighter ideas for the healthy choice your customers are looking for.  Don’t overlook the veggies! Grilled veggies are a great alternative for a lighter side – Put some veggie kabobs on the menu for more of a healthier option. Grilled corn is also a wonderful side to offer in the summer. All of which are offered in Markon’s list of items.

With grilling season upon us, it is time to be prepared for all options - Adding a few options to your menu could kick your summer off right. For more options, consider reaching out to BEK’s Culinary Resource Team or your Sales Representative on designing your menu to be summer-ready.