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Trident Breaded & Battered Fish

Breaded and Battered fish offers the flavor and crispy mouth-feel that consumers crave, plus the versatility and variety of menu options that operators crave. From classics like fish-n-chips, to fish tacos and fish sandwiches, our wide range of Breaded and Battered products has something for every segment; from large-scale establishments like healthcare and quick-serve, to local restaurants looking for take-out and delivery options.




PRODUCT Information


Havesting of Alaska Pollock is carefully managed, making it a responsible seafood choice.  Lean, snow-flesh, delicate texture and mild taste..

Pacific COD

Wild pacific Cod is a large, lean whitefish that's an excellent source of high quality protein.  Sweet flavor, delicate texture and large flake.

White Shrimp

One of the most popular shrimp in the world.  A clean mild shrimp flavor, and firm texture that perfectly complements our light, genuine beer batter.


Real Beer Batter
Light golden color, crisp crunch and authentic flavor
Precise Portion Control
More precise portion sizes and consistent presentation
Handcrafted Appearance
Hand-cut fillets with a crispy, textured coating
Excellent Hold Time
Stays crisp and flaky over time

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