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SSDC and Ben E. Keith Odyssey Program

Discover the essential cleaning products of the Ben E. Keith Odyssey Program. Use this easy, comprehensive system to keep your kitchens safe and sanitized, by SSDC.

PRODUCT Information

Program Highlights include:

  1. $450 Starter Kit Included at no cost which includes all regulatory compliance information like SDS, Wallcharts, Spray Bottles, Spray Bottle Racks and Training Aids.
  1. The system is Installed and Serviced by SSDC, and is Health Department Friendly.
  1. The System is a closed Loop so that there is no free pouring or glugging of products.
  1. Products are safe to be in a food service establishment.
  1. On-going Training is provided by SSDC when needed.

For more information, contact your DSR.

How To Buy

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