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Sara Lee Angel Food Cake

Unlock new possibilities with our versatile Angel Food Cake, a favorite for all ages and a delicious alternative for those with dietary restrictions. Now featuring a tempting twist with our new Strawberry flavor, stimulate your creativity with our recipes to delight taste buds and grow your profits simultaneously.




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Follow the links below for some fantastic recipe ideas with our new Angel Food Cake!

Strawberry Matcha Latte Cake 

Strawberry angel food cake soaked in a mixture of matcha latte and evaporated milk, topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Strawberry "Tiramisu" 

Strawberry angel food cake layered with vanilla Greek yogurt and strawberries topped with a cocoa flavored whipped cream.

Strawberry Lime "Tea Sandwiches" 

Strawberry angel food cake cut into small “bread” slices. Filled with fresh sliced strawberries and ricotta blended with sweetened lime juice.

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