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Idahoan & Honest Earth

Trust us to handle the prep so you can focus on bringing your culinary vision to life.

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For over 60 years, our passion has been to inspire culinary creativity with delicious, scratch-quality potatoes. We use only Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, world-renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. Our farmers take pride in being stewards of the land, employing sustainable practices to ensure quality from field to fork and the preservation of this special resource for generations to come. Our Fresh-Dried™ potatoes are then cooked using our proprietary method that honors the integrity of the potato. This innovative cooking method allows for a final dish that stands up to scratch-made potatoes while saving operators precious time and labor to deliver consistency and convenience with each batch. Operators can trust Idahoan® as their pantry hero, empowering them to bring their culinary vision to life.


In today’s foodservice world, we know it can be a struggle to provide guests with better-for-you options – without compromising taste or sacrificing time. Introducing Honest Earth® - a new line of plant-based, clean label speed-scratch sides by Idahoan® Foods.




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