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2oz. Pubhouse Golden Ale Beer Battered Pollock

PRODUCT Information

Alaska Pollock

Alaska Pollock is the most abundant fish species harvested in the North Pacific. Managed carefully, Alaska Pollock is an environmentally responsible seafood choice. Cousin to the codfish, its lean, snow-flesh, delicate texture and mild taste make it one of most versatile and healthy choices available.


PubHouse® Golden Ale Beer-Battered Seafood


Our highly acclaimed PubHouse® seafood line is getting bigger and better with the introduction of Golden Ale Beer-Battered Seafood. Made with real beer batter, our Golden Ale products offer a light crunch and a flaky texture that looks and tastes handmade. The PubHouse Golden Ale line also features the debut of tail-off shrimp and hand-cut haddock fillets, species that are newly presented by Trident Seafoods. Our popular cod and pollock fillets round out the Golden Ale line. You’ll appreciate the care we’ve taken in creating these premium seafood products, especially the precise portion control for added value and convenience.

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