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Make “To-Go” Your Friend

Making Sure Your To-Go Supplies Are Working for You

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As we head into 2022, we should look at one of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry: to-go orders. The last two years have built a market that expects online ordering and to-go options as a key element of restaurants. This new craze has created situations that your restaurant must keep in mind to be successful in the upcoming year. Here are a few tips on having the right to-go containers and equipment in 2022.

1. Choose the Right Material

To-Go containers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Choosing the right type can help keep your product at the desired temperature and, in return, keep the desired flavor your team worked hard to create. Foam containers can be a great option at keeping the temperature hot or cold, as well as being an affordable solution for To-Go orders

2. Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Unique packaging can be a new, easy way to market your food that is taken out of the restaurant. Choosing a plastic container with a clear cover will have your meal easily viewable when a customer walks home with it. Unique colors on to-go cups and bowls will also help your product stand out. Check with your sales representative for to-go container options personalized with your logo. All great tools for easy and strategic marketing.

3. Be Efficient
Keep in mind the size, shape, and constructability of containers according to the space you have in your restaurant. Although not good retainers of heat, paper containers are easily foldable to take up much less space in your store. Microwave safe, these containers can be a perfect option if your meal reheats well. Our Essentials catalog has numerous options for your paper container needs.

4. Create Sustainability

With the large increase in demand for to-go products, considering your environment will be a great idea to keep our earth healthy and attract eco-conscious customers. Eco-friendly packaging can also be cost-savers as they eliminate your waste. Eco-forward paper cups or reusable meal containers will help save the earth and increase your profits.

This new era of to-go ordering will create new opportunities that, if faced properly, can help your restaurant multiply your streams of sales.  Now is the time to evaluate, upgrade and be business ready.   Click here for a few things to consider when choosing your products.