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Leaving Summer Behind

Temperatures have never been higher, and summer feels like it will be here forever, but, as with each year before, we all know that the seasons quickly change. As kids return to school and sports pick back up, menus will adjust around the country to suit the needs of the fall months and school year. Here are a few ideas to make your menu pop for the end of summer blues.


One Last Summer Hoorah

Marketing your “end of summer” menu items will help you finish off your limited-time-only inventory. Highlight the summer drinks you were creating, like pina coladas, iced lemonade, or the frozen margarita with fresh Markon margarita mix. Continue to push your ice cream options one last time. Anything that reminds your customers of the fading summer months will certainly be a hit.

Back to School!

With school back in session and family vacations coming to an end, your regular customers will return to their favorite spots in town. Host a “back to school” night for those families and kick off the school year with a bang. If you need help marketing a night like this, our HOST services can assist you with these types of events and much more.

Football Season

There is one thing that almost all customers will be excited about in the upcoming fall months: football season. Get ready for those football crowds to return to your establishments for game watching. Consider offering deals on bite-sized items like cheese fries or chips and salsa. Stock up on chicken wings, sliders, and burgers! Our Winn patties will be a popular item for hungry football fans ready to watch their team back in action.

It’s Not Too Early for Fall

The heat may be sticking around but shifting your menu to include fall favorites will bring excitement to those ready for cooler temps. Produce will start to make its change over to items like apples, squashes, and potatoes, so consider a few dishes that incorporate these fall flavors.


As the summer fades into fall, restaurant crowds will begin pouring back into your doors. Being sure to get ahead of the changes will set your restaurant up for a successful fall season. For more ideas on your menu, contact your Ben E. Keith Sales representative.