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The New Year is around the corner, which means restaurants will begin preparing for the first big sports event of the year, the NFL playoffs, and the Big Game. These weekend spectacles have the potential to be a huge hit for your kitchen if you prepare for sports-crazed customers. Follow these four plays to ensure your restaurant is prepared for these upcoming events.

Strategize Your Marketing Gameplan

As we approach playoff time, many customers will be seeking out spots where they can eat, drink, and enjoy the games. If your restaurant is well equipped for sports viewing, be sure to market your spot for the event. Make creative posts on your social media channels showing off your big screens or add table tents and posters in your dining area promoting the games. If you’re having trouble thinking of creative content to market your restaurant, our HOST services are a great solution for all of your marketing needs.


Be Creative on Your Plates

When it comes to watching sports, customers will never grow tired of the staples at a good sports bar. Wings, burgers, and chips and dip are always a hit when watching a game. But to stand out, consider adding some variety to your menu. Add your twist on a simple item like pulled pork tacos, or a lettuce wrap offering for those sticking to their New Year’s health resolutions. If you are looking for creative recipes on these dishes, our Culinary Resource Team is here to help provide plenty of unique options on to your menu.


Be Efficient

With crowds reaching capacity during unique hours while the playoffs are running, equip your staff with the right ingredients to help cut labor time when it matters most. Labor-solution ingredients will not only save you time, but more money can be made by getting those plates out the door quicker. Markon’s Ready Set Serve produce options are a perfect labor-saving solution to help your kitchen cut their prep-time in half, and spend more time taking care of a busy dining room.

The Ultimate Item for the Big Game

All things considered, there is one dish that sticks out as the perfect big game plate: pizza. Pizza is extremely versatile and can be created into an unlimited number of options for multiple cuisines. Pizza can be a labor-saving dish as it requires minimal ingredients that are mostly easy to prep. Above all else, pizza not only serves as the unofficial dish for sports but is a favorite pastime amongst fans. If you do not already have a pizza dish on your menu, consider adding one for this upcoming event.

For any other questions about this upcoming playoff season, please contact your Ben E. Keith sales representative.