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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

It may not feel like it just yet, but summer is quickly approaching its end. As we enter the next season, customers will be entering your dining room craving fall flavors. Being sure your restaurant is ready for the cooler weather can help bring in customers and bigger profits. Here are a few ideas in making sure you’re prepared for Fall.


A Full Staff

An often-overlooked aspect of these upcoming months is a large amount of turnover. As high schoolers head back to class and others leave from summer vacation, your staff could see a sudden drop in employees. Be sure to think ahead and have interviews planned to fill those empty spots. If you have a window where your staff isn’t quite full, labor-saving solutions is a must to keep your kitchen moving efficiently. Utilize Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve produce to cut out those man hours needed on chopping produce without sacrificing the quality.


Cooler Months, Warmer Menu

As the temperatures begin to drop, your customer’s food temps go up! Studies have shown that people will begin to crave warmer foods as soon as the weather begins to change to cooler temps. Whatever cuisine you may serve, ensure your menu features more of these warmer foods. A nice pho for the Asian menu, or some tortilla soup on your tex-mex list, could be a heavy hitter this part of the year. For those with an American menu, our Ellington Farms chili is a perfect feature in these autumn months.


A Fall-Themed Restaurant

Although there aren’t a bunch of holidays this part of the year, there are still plenty of themes you can market to bring in extra customers. Of course, making sure you have specials and TV’s ready for football season is a must. A pumpkin-themed drink is a fun alternative for your menu. Be aware of food-themed holidays as well. October is national pizza month, a perfect event to highlight on your website or social media channels. Pizza can be made in a variety of cuisines and can be cooked in nearly every type of oven at an incredible value. If you haven’t added pizza to your menu, do it today! Click Here For Ideas

As the leaves change their colors, it is a perfect time to get a fresh new look for your menu and dining room. Making sure you’re ready for the change in tastes will be a great start to the new season. For more ideas on making your kitchen more successful, talk to your Ben E. Keith sales representative.