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Better Together - Value of the Sales Representative

The National Restaurant Association's 2017 State of the Industry, Technology Trends, confirms what we already know.  That is, technology adoption is moving forward in the restaurant industry, driven in part by consumers increasingly interested in streamlining their restaurant experience.  We see guest experience enhanced through engagement with mobile devices that can use apps, select payment options, share reviews, and conduct menu searches.

Our e-commerce site, Entrée System, is updated daily with products and nutritional information, appealing images, invoicing, reports, ordering tools, and other robust features that take care of the day to day tasks.  With technology so prevalent in our lives, it's becoming more challenging to maintain connections.  And, while technology helps consolidate processes and increase productivity, there is no replacement for face-to-face conversations with your sales representatives to help grow your business.

At Ben E. Keith, we believe we have the best sales reps in the food industry.  Our dedicated team focuses on your success.  It's our mission and we take it to heart.  Resourceful, forward-focused, trusted advisors that have your best interests in mind.  They have broad industry experience, expert training, competitive insights, and knowledge of upcoming trends.  They can help you discover low-risk revenue sources that are game changers, identify a few small changes to impact your marketing, or even put together a to-go program that boosts sales. 

Other folks may have a self-service, online ordering system, much like ours, but they don't have a devoted sales team available to sit down, understand your goals, and put a roadmap together of how to get you there.  If you're not a Ben E. Keith customer, you should be.  Give us a call.



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