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As The Sun Sets on Summer

It is still the hottest part of the year but the temps will begin to cool before long. The upcoming months will bring a new set of circumstances: kids returning to school, colleges filling back up, and families returning home from their summer vacations. Here are a few ideas on how to fill your dining rooms and optimize your costs in the approaching months.

Market Your Spot

As families get in their final vacations before school returns, be cognizant of the location of your restaurant. If you’re in a beach town or a popular summer destination, be sure to market yourself! Put together social posts with hashtags that will be easy to find for people in search of a good meal. Highlight summer inspired meals, LTOs and drinks that would be must-haves during a trip. If marketing isn’t your thing, you’re in luck! Our HOST Services have numerous teams that help bring you the marketing materials your restaurant deserves.

Tailgate Season

The end of August brings back Football season, which also brings back tailgate season! Having tailgate-friendly options on your menu is a great way to get football fans in your dining room before the game and during it! Look into creative, yet labor-saving, options for your menu. Starters like our Winn sliders require minimal labor and mouth-watering flavor for people looking for quick bites with their beverage for game watching.

Minimize Costs

It can be difficult to create profits with families finishing up the summer. Using ingredients that are ready to eat, or require minimal to no labor, can be effective tools to save money during these slower months. Using pre-marinated meats is one way to help. Selecting pre-chopped produce is another idea. Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve products offers high quality produce that requires no cutting or chopping, so you can cut costs and alleviate back of the house labor.

Marketing your restaurant properly and using labor-efficient ingredients is the key to helping your restaurant have a successful end of summer. For these ideas and more, contact your local Ben E. Keith sales representative.