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New Year, New Food

If the last few years have proven any trends, it is that healthier options are no longer just a fad, but a lifestyle change that is here to stay. With the holiday season wrapping, this trend will only become more imperative to incorporate into your menu. But fear not: with a few simple moves, your kitchen can be ready for the upcoming New Year’s resolutions. Here are a handful of ideas to kick off the new year with new plates for your menu.

Start the Day Right

One highly anticipated trend for 2024 is the rise in healthy breakfasts. Having a lean first meal is what customers will be looking for come January. Adding complimentary produce to your brunch plates can be an easy and minimal way to “health-ify” your menu. Our friends at Markon have created the perfect toolkit to refer to when putting together your breakfast or brunch menu. HEALTHY BREAKFAST OPPORTUNITIES - Markon

Fresh Salads

We all know that a salad is a go-to staple for those on their health journey. In 2024, just having lettuce isn’t going to cut it. A cobb salad full of fried protein will be a no-go for a health-conscious customer. Be sure your greens are healthy, fresh, and have plenty of grilled meats or plant-based proteins to choose from. Our Culinary Resource Team is an excellent resource in building ideas for healthy and delicious salads to add to your everyday menu.

Fish is Your Friend

Lean meats will be essential to have stocked in your kitchen this time of year. Grilled chicken is an obvious staple for healthy plates, but one protein that is often overlooked is a nice piece of white fish. This protein has been proven to be extremely versatile and more widely accepted than ever in 2024. A clean cod can be used in a fish and veggie plate, to seafood stews and soups, or elevated grilled fish tacos. With the upcoming celebration of lent, cod has the potential to be a big hit for those observing. Our Admiral of the Fleet Cod is a clean piece of meat ready to fulfill your fish needs.

Don’t Forget Mocktails

If you want to pick up business in all aspects of your restaurant, don’t just stop at the food you are serving. In the last few years, Dry January has become a popular trend as people reset their bodies for the New Year. A nice mocktail could be a hot seller to compliment to the lean plates you have created. Markon is here again to help: this strawberry margarita mocktail is a fresh, innovative drink already tested for you to add to your menu.

As consumers become more knowledgeable on the food they eat, creating new dishes can feel like a daunting task. But keeping it simple and utilizing our resources will ensure you are keeping your menu relevant for the future. For more ideas on innovating your menu, contact your Ben E. Keith sales representative.