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National Brand Partnerships -  Our Competitive Advantage

One of the things we are proud of here at Ben E. Keith is our relationship with our national brand partners.  It's our competitive advantage.  We work hard to bring you quality food from folks whose names you know and trust.  Collaborating regularly with our national partners ensures that you get the best value, day after day.  We know you want to deliver the very best to your customers.  Because it matters so much to you, it matters so much to us.

Since the 1930s, Tyson has been delivering farm raised chicken to tables across the country.  Now, they have pledged to eliminate antibiotics and are making progressive enhancements to raise even healthier chickens.  A leader in supporting US farm families, over 11,000 independent farmers are raising chicken, cattle, and pigs to help future generations and strengthen their communities.  It's quality you can count on.  Better tasting and better for you.

A true global powerhouse, General Mills ranks in the top 20 companies in the United States.  You enjoy many of their brands, such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, and Pillsbury, to name a few.  You serve them at home to your family, so why not serve them to your customers, as well.  With global responsibility commitments that span across our food, our planet, our workplace, and our community, you can rest assured that your purchase supports a greater good.

Soup is good food. Campbell's soup warms our hearts and bodies.  With so many delicious flavors made with trusted ingredients, you can find ample choices to serve your customers.  Organic, gluten free, low sodium, kid fun, the list is long.  There's something for all of your soup needs.  Wanting to take that flavor profile to the next level?  Check out the recipes at Campbell's Kitchen to help with new menu ideas.

With Smucker's, Kraft Heinz, Kellogg's, Jimmy Dean, McCormick, Del Monte, Sara Lee, and many more national brands at your fingertips, your kitchen is a well-stocked, dependable pantry of names you know and love.  Let our competitive advantage be your competitive advantage, too.  Serve customers familiar name brands that will keep them coming back for more.




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