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Mother’s Day is on the way

If you didn’t know it before, you will know it now: Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. Studies show that half of all mothers in the US want to go out to eat with their family on Mother’s Day. With consumers ready to get back to dining-in after a nearly two-year hiatus, the 2022 version could be one for the record books.  With this in mind, having your restaurant prepared to take on large crowds, all the while making Mom feel extra special, is your opportunity to give your customers an experience that will keep them coming back for more.  Here are some tips on separating your restaurant from the rest on this Mothers’ Day.

Plan Early

Planning ahead is crucial to ensure your customers are well informed and the team is ready to go for the big day. Start promoting Mother’s Day in advance to inform customers your restaurant to ready to host them. There are a variety of ways to promote the day, from ads in your store to a post on your social media channels, that entices the customer to come dine at your establishment.”

Your wait staff should be scheduled accordingly and prepared to make moms feel special. Make sure you have full staff coverage throughout the day for smooth service to handle the early birds all the way up to the late-night diners. Don’t just stop there: ensuring your staff has been scheduled appropriately leading up to the big day will make sure your team has the energy needed to make Moms happy.

If your restaurant needs help at creating effective marketing materials to promote the event, inquire about our HOST services.

Be Ready For Brunch

Your restaurant should be well-equipped to feed a large midday crowd. Brunch is one of the most popular dining options on this day.    If your business is open for lunch and dinner only, think about opening a little early on this day to offer a brunch option to take advantage of this great opportunity. Be sure to have your brunch items in mind, such as ingredients for omelets, pancakes, and quiches and make certain you have plenty of orange juice and champagne for mimosas!


Design a Prix Fixe Menu

Consider designing a special menu with the day in mind.  On a day where you will likely be serving larger groups, having a pre-set menu makes it simpler for your guests as well as for you as it will give you the option of minimizing your food needs, an effective way of helping with the every-changing supply of items. Unique recipes will also give a more unique experience to your customers who are looking to give back to the Mom that means so much to them.

Need Menu Ideas? Utilize Ben E. Keith’s Culinary Resource Team to assist in creating an amazing menu.

Need to design your menu?  Get in touch with our HOST partner, to help you create an eye-catching menu

Contact your BEK sales representative to put you in touch with our experts. 

Honor thy Mother

Making Mom feel special doesn’t just stop at food. Give her an entire experience that will make her feel as special as she is.  There are a variety of ways to make her feel special on this big day. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hand out a flower to each mom as they enter and have them escorted to their seat.  
  • Have a special item like a dessert on your menu made “just for mom” that is included with the meal
  • Give each mom a gift card, which is a great way to get that repeat business. 
  • Have live music to create a fun atmosphere
  • Have a fun giveaway for Moms – a basket of goodies and gift cards are some simple ideas for a nice added touch. Don’t have gift cards? Our HOST service can do that for you too!

We all know that Moms are the most important person in the household. Setting up your restaurant to make her happy could set you up for repeat success on Mother’s Day, every day after, and for the years to come.   Make YOUR place THEIR Mother’s Day tradition.

For more ideas on making Mother’s Day a win, reach out to your Ben E. Keith sales representative.