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Kid’s Choice - Menus that Bring Them Back for More

Smucker’s, one of our valued partners who has been helping make family meals more memorable for over a century, recently released a Breakfast Brief in collaboration with Technomic, a leading industry research firm.  They delved into the often overlooked revenue opportunity of kids menus and discovered some interesting insights.

  • Within the past year, 40% of consumers had a child who ordered a breakfast item at a restaurant
  • 39% of millennial parents said the availability of a kids menu is important to them when choosing a restaurant
  • 64% of parents said that what matters most to their kids is the appealing taste of food and beverage

As an operator, it can be challenging to balance the expectations of parents and their kids.  Kids tend to go with what they know, so it’s not surprising that waffles are the fastest growing item on the kids menu, up over 18% over previous year.  Adding fresh fruit as a ‘better for you’ option can make both sides happy. 

It’s easy to think about the experience of the adult diner.  In a lot of cases, kids are in the driver’s seat with deciding where to go.  Help make their choice easy by featuring a world class experience just for them.  Look over your menu for items that you can serve deconstructed and let the kids assemble themselves at the table.  Surprise and delight with unexpected colors and toppings.  Add an unexpected twist to a familiar food.

Want something to feature now?  Try these Bacon Pancake Sticks, a breakfast experience that’s sure to be a kid pleaser.  Need more inspiration?  Kraft has a variety of recipe ideas that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Kid tested and parent approved.

But, don’t stop with the food.  Serve up some fun with these colorful trays from Carlisle or these small farmhouse glasses from Libbey that will have kids coming back for more. See your DSR to order.




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