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Holidays Straight Ahead

Holiday season is only a month away from kicking off and not letting up until the new year. Preparing your restaurant for this busy part of the year will be crucial at maximizing profits and keeping your customers happy and in the holiday spirit.

Schedule Accordingly

Holiday season doesn’t just pertain to the customers in your dining room. Plenty of employees will be wanting to take some well-deserved days off to celebrate with friends and family, so prepare accordingly. Ask for requested time off earlier than usual and create your schedules well in advance to give time for shift change needs. Also, keep in mind holidays and sporting events typically require extra staffing. Being well-staffed during rushes will keep morale in the kitchen high and mistakes with your customers low.

Update Your Menu

As we have stated before, your customers will be looking for ingredients that are trending in the fall and winter months. Have a hot fall-centric dish or two highlighted on your menu. Emphasize dishes for certain holidays, like a good Mexican dish during Dia De Los Muertos. And be sure to use fall flavors. Our friends at Markon have put together an excellent checklist to make sure your produce is a seasonal favorite.

Market Appropriately

In 2023, it is essential to create an atmosphere that is marketable by your customers. Every individual that walks through your doors can share your story on any one of their social media platforms. Use the right décor for the right month, such as pumpkins in October or Christmas trees in December. Feature social media promotions to share photos of your fun décor. You could even host a costume competition and incentivize individuals to dress up with gift cards, half off appetizers, or a free item at your restaurant. You can discover ideas like these and more through one of our HOST Solution partners today.

Labor Saving Solutions

In anticipation of much larger crowds during this time of year, set up your kitchen for success with labor saving ingredients. Precooked items may have lacked flavor in the past, but today’s standard is much higher and can be used to create a variety of dishes. Also, using pre-prepared produce can be highly effective at saving time for your kitchen staff. Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve harvest crisp blend is a great base for a fall-themed salad that will save you time without sacrificing quality.


Regardless of your décor or menu offerings, business foot traffic will be on the rise. To increase those profits, be sure to take some steps to set yourself apart from your competitors. For more ideas on boosting kitchen sales during the holidays, talk to your Ben E. Keith sales representative.