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Do you know what your menu items are costing you?

The foodservice industry has been deeply affected by this. With costs going up every day, restauranteurs should re-evaluate their menu costs to remain profitable.  It can be a very overwhelming burden, so Ben E. Keith has a solution to provide you with what you need to maximize efficiency to increase profit margins.   MenuMax by Ben E. Keith is a fully automated cloud based 24-hour online kitchen tool that will simplify this process and save you money and time.


One of the leading factors in the restaurant industry affecting the bottom line is waste management.   Many operators prepare their menu items from favorite recipes without thought of portion control or food waste.    Measuring ingredients by memory, a little dash of this here and there, using whatever cup is near to measure rice for a recipe, it’s how most were trained or learned how to cook.   Creating the most outstanding meal is at the forefront of a chef’s mind, not portion control items or food waste. While portion control and waste management may not be exciting subjects to cover, they are two of the most integral steps in keeping your restaurant successful. 

MenuMax, allows you to add recipes as menu items showing your food cost for every plate you serve, and gives you an inventory that is customized to your kitchen.    Utilizing MenuMax for recipe portions promises a consistent dish and a more cost-effective menu.  

Imagine this scenario: The executive chef that has created the most popular dish on the menu leaves the establishment without documenting the recipe. Now, you are without a customer favorite on your menu. MenuMax Recipe Cloud gives you access to all your recipes. Stored securely in one place with the ability to share with your staff and other locations (if applicable), you will never lose your money-making favorite or any of your other recipes.


Watch the video below for more information on this valuable tool.


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Next to your knives, make MenuMax your most utilized tool in your kitchen!