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5 Tips on Ensuring Your Restaurant is Ready for Post Season Football

This year’s Super Bowl will bring an ever-growing crowd of takeout orders and a huge crew of individuals ready to watch the biggest sporting event in the world at their local establishment. In order to make sure your restaurant takes advantage of this huge event, consider utilizing a few of these Super Bowl tips:

1. Be Creative for The Big Game

When people think of the Super Bowl, they will surely be reminded of the dishes they consume during the game. Be prepared with dishes that are staples of anyone’s Super Bowl spread. Perhaps consider regional dishes depending on the teams that make it to the playoffs. And be creative with the current shortages and prices of items. Instead of your typical buffalo wing, a cauliflower wing could be a more affordable and healthier dish. Our CRTs have created some amazing dishes that could help you stand out and save money, like these Kelley Foods Sausage Jalapeno Poppers: Big Game Grub


2. Prepare for Takeout

The big game is one of the biggest days of the year for house events, and with that comes the need for plenty of dishes. With that in mind, make sure you are prepared for a high number of carry-out orders. If you have an online purchasing system, update it with all the convenient items that make sense for a good spread. Make sure to staff your To-Go counter accordingly to avoid long wait times and thatyou have plenty of To-Go supplies for your orders. Stock up your supply from Ben E. Keith Essentials and be ready for the orders to pour in: Keith Essentials Catalog


3. Poultry a Problem? Consider Beef 

The current high prices of certain meats are no secret. Chicken wings are seeing very serious price hikes and may not come down in time for the postseason. With that in mind, it may be a good year to stock up on some beef options. This Philly meat would make an excellent choice for some delicious Philly cheesesteaks. Of course, make sure you are well prepared for plenty of options for burgers.


4. Be Prepared

People are returning to dining out more and more, so be sure you are ready for it. Have your team in proper shifts to be fully staffed during this unique game time. Also, purchasing products that cut labor time will help your team be more productive in the kitchen. These Markon RSS items are great ideas to help cut time: fc_2021-11-28.pdf (


5. Have a Promotion Plan

Liven up your establishment even more and consider putting together some giveaways to promote on your social media channels. T-shirt giveaways, unique cups showing off your brand, and gift card raffles are great ways to make sure your patrons keep coming back. If you’re in need of some merchandise, our HOST service has solutions for you.

It’s been two years since restaurants were filled with fans ready to watch the biggest games of the year. If you make sure you are well equipped for the situation, you could see your restaurant have some incredible results. For more ways to take your restaurant to the next level, contact your Ben E Keith sales representative.