Restaurant Associations

Running a restaurant is serious business, and our operators need trusted and reliable sources.

Our restaurant associations are a great start. Check out yours in your state.


Arkansas Hospitality Association

Whether you are a restaurant, a lodging property, a travel business or someone who does business with them, being a member of the Arkansas Hospitality Association can benefit your business and help your bottom line. The more members AHA has, the larger its voice is. AHA depends upon its officers, board members, and the general membership to support the efforts of the Association to enhance the hospitality industry.

The Arkansas Restaurant Association is committed to representing, educating and advancing the goals of the restaurant industry in our state. All members of the Arkansas Restaurant Association are automatically enrolled as members of the National Restaurant Association. Upon joining the Arkansas Hospitality Association, restaurant members are eligible for free or discounted services, education and training programs, insurance and more.

Membership Doesn’t Cost — It Pays!

AHA membership means you’re eligible for discounted and special services that will help to improve your business management and lower costs. Contact the AHA by phone at 501-376-2323 or by e-mail to learn more and begin using the services we offer our members. Remember membership pays, especially if you take advantage of all of the services we provide! If you are not currently a member of the AHA, please request your membership information today!

Don’t miss out on National Restaurant Association (NRA) member benefits for restaurants and American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) member benefits for hotels.

Please visit the NRA members services website to find out more about special discounts and offers available from the NRA.

Please visit the AHLA members services website to find out more about special discounts and offers available from the AHLA.

There may also be other services offered by our associate members which are available only in your local area, but which are not endorsed because they are not offered statewide.

Click here to view the Arkansas Hospitality Association's website to learn more about the many services available.

New Mexico Restaurant Association

Since 1946, the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA) has actively represented and promoted the foodservice industry in New Mexico. We represent all foodservice outlets in New Mexico with a membership of over 1000 locations statewide. The restaurant industry in New Mexico employs over 52,000 persons and represents over 2 billion dollars in sales annually.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the general membership at the annual meeting. Directors are selected from members in each of the Congressional districts throughout the state to ensure statewide representation. We have a strong political action committee that is active in both state and national politics. We also offer education and training, member benefit programs and special events targeted to the restaurant industry.

Membership is open to any firm or establishment actively engaged in the foodservice business including purveyors of goods and services to restaurateurs. All regular (restaurant) members of NMRA are automatically members of the National Restaurant Association.

Endorsed programs are money saving programs exclusively for NMRA members. Take advantage of these programs whenever making purchase decisions for your operation.

The New Mexico Restaurant Association offers a variety of products and services for the foodservice and hospitality industry. We are here to help you succeed. Please let us know if there is a service you think we should offer. You can contact us at 505-343-9848 or for more information about any of our programs.

Click here to view the New Mexico Restaurant Association's website to learn more about the many services available.


Oklahoma Restaurant Association

Whether you are an independent or multiunit foodservice operator; or you provide products or services to the foodservice industry; or you represent a school, hospital or nursing home; or you operate a Bed & Breakfast; or you're currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate culinary or hospitality programs, ORA membership is for you!

Your ORA membership will benefit and guide you with legislative support; employment & regulatory guidelines; discounted insurance like workers' compensation, health and business insurance; payroll processing and credit card services; ServSafe® Sanitation; alcohol server training; discounted natural gas; ASCAP/BMI music licensing; a complimentary video training library; and the state's largest convention and trade show - just to name a few!

Click here to view the Oklahoma Restaurant Association's website to learn more about the many services available.


Texas Restaurant Association

An investment in the Texas Restaurant Association is an investment in your business. We exist to help our members build customer loyalty, rewarding careers and financial success. If you are an independent restaurant or small chain, your membership in the TRA includes membership in the National Restaurant Association. TRA members are also automatically members in their local chapters—multiplying the value of your investment!

Get involved to make the most of your membership! Build customer counts and market share with information on the latest industry trends found in our publications. Strengthen your team and make sure your employees have the training and certification they need to succeed. TRA members receive discounts on all of our training and certifcation programs.

Raise the bar on product quality, get tips and information from industry experts and see the most cutting-edge products and services available on the market today at the Southwest Foodservice Expo which TRA members attend free of charge. Operate efficiently and grow your business with our Financial Resources, Preferred Partners, Legal Resources, Healthcare Resources, and Online Buyer's Guide. Get discounts on products found in our online Shop. Connect with your community and get involved with your local chapter and the TRA Education Foundation.

IMPORTANT: Members must create an account and be signed in to to access members' only information, pricing and event registration. Create your account now!

Questions? Contact the TRA Membership Department using the web form below, email or call 800-395-2872 during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm).

Click here to view the Texas Restaurant Association's website to learn more about the many services available.