Wright’s Bacon

Wright’s Bacon


What could be better in the late summer than one of the all-time favorites the BLT. The Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich has been a favorite all year round but this time of year with fresh produce it's even better. Mayo is always a traditional good addition to the amazing BLT but why not change it up with a Basil Mayo or a Pesto Mayo for something a little different.

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Wright’s Bacon Products

Bacon Slab Regular Buffet approx. 14-18 slices per lb 530105 1/30 lb
Bacon Slab Thin Buffet approx 18-22 ct 530109 1/30 lb
Bacon Layout Regular Buffet approx. 14-18 slices per lb 530113 1/15 lb
Bacon Layout Thin Buffet Hickory Smoked Approx. 18-22 slices per lb. 530112 1/15 lb
Bacon Slab Thick Buffet Approx. 10-14 slices per lb. 530114 1/.30 lb