WINN Meat Gourmet Burgers

WINN Meat Gourmet Burgers

WINN Meat custom crafted burgers offer chefs and restaurant owners the next generation of gourmet burgers. Instead of adding spices to create the flavor profile you’re looking for, we use the actual raw materials to generate superior taste and texture. 

Serve The Taste Customers' Are Wanting....

Our raw materials start with fresh never frozen USA Midwest Corn Fed Angus Chucks. No cow or bull meat allowed. We then mix our ground chuck with raw materials such as corned beef brisket, pastrami and White Cheddar Infused IPA Beer.  

No matter what flavor you're serving, bacon/pork, corned beef, pastrami or brisket, We Guarantee WINN Gourmet Burgers Are A Taste Your Customers' Crave.

Not all items are stocked in all locations.

Contact your Ben E. Keith Sales Representative and order yours today!

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Amarillo 806.376.6257
Dallas/Fort Worth 817.759.6000
Gulf Coast 832.652.5888
Mid-South 501.978.5000
New Mexico 505.843.7766
Oklahoma 405.753.7600
San Antonio 210.661.7997

WINN Meat Gourmet Burgers Products


Beef Patty Bacon/Pork Blend 128376 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Corned Beef Blend 128377 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Pastrami Blend 128381 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Smoked Brisket Blend 128382 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Craft Blend Andouille - Cajun 128378 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Craft Blend Bison 128379 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Craft Blend IPA Beer & White Cheddar 128380 24/6 OZ
Beef Patty Craft Blend Short Rib 128494 24/6 OZ


Beef Slider Bacon Belly 2 Oz 128383 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Reuben 2 Oz 128384 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Cajun Andouille 128385 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Bison 2 Oz 128386 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Chuck / White Cheddar Blend 128387 64/2 OZ
Pastrami Slider 2 Oz 128388 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Smoked Brisket Chuck 128389 64/2 OZ
Beef Slider Short Rib 2 Oz 128495 64/2 OZ

Ground Blends

Beef Blend Bacon Belly 128390 2/5 LB
Beef Blend Reuben 128391 2/5 LB
Beef Blend Cajun Andouille 128392 2/5 LB
Bison Beef Blend 128393 2/5 LB
Beef Blend Chuck Ipa White Cheddar 128394 2/5 LB
Pastrami Blend 128395 2/5 LB
Beef Blend Smoked Brisket Chuck 128396 2/5 LB
Beef Blend Short Rib 128397 2/5 LB