Tampa Maid Shrimp Entrées

Tampa Maid Shrimp Entrées

Shrimp is America’s number one seafood in per capita consumption and we are committed to helping operators’ menu shrimp and other shellfish favorites.  Tampa Maid Has a Shrimp Product for You! From our signature Dipt’n Dusted shrimp to our specialty breaded shrimp we have a product to fit any operator’s needs.

  Dusted P&D Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp

Honey Harbanero

These peeled and deveined shrimp have the quality and flavor you expect.

Peeled and deveined round tail-off shrimp, coated with buttery garlic breadcrumbs.

Premium peeled and deveined tail off shrimp, coated in a Honey Habanero Corn Dog Breader.

With the vast array of dinner shrimp we produce, Tampa Maid has a style, type, and size to fit any foodservice application or price requirement.

With over forty years in the business, Tampa Maid understands that our customers today need more than quality products; they need menu solutions. Choose Tampa Maid!

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Tampa Maid Shrimp Entrées Products

SHRIMP P&D DUSTED T/O 16/20 CT 130744 4 / 3 lb
SHRIMP BRD 26/34 HNY HABANERO 131322 4 / 3 lb
SHRIMP BRD GARLIC 26-32 CT 131671 4 / 3 lb