Seasonal Fall Produce Currently Available

Seasonal Fall Produce Currently Available

Each season offers it's own unique fruits and vegetables with their distinct flavor. Fall produce offers a range of intense flavor and substanial textures. Call your Ben E. Keith Sales Representative to help you find one that's just right for your fall and holiday menu.

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Seasonal Fall Produce Currently Available Products

Egg Nog 111214 12/32oz
Cranberries 024001 24/12oz
Blood Oranges 031296 1/20 lb.
Pomegranates 051015 1/15ct
Butternut Squash 200250 1/9ct Bushel
Acorn Squash 200001 1/9ct Bushel
Apple Cider 002100 4/1 gal
Beets Bulk (no tops) 075001 1/25 lb.
Parsnips 095230 12/1 lb.
Pears 048029 1/46 lb.
Sweet Potatoes 174318 1/40 lb.
Wash & Trimmed French Green Beans 073034 3/2 lb.
Trimmed Round Green Beans 109858 2/5 lb.
Brussels Sprouts Halves 129226 2/5 lb.
Herbs & Tender Greens Salad 137355 2/5 lb.
Lemony Organic Arugula 137438 2/1.5 lb.