Platinum Harvest Premium Chicken Breasts

Platinum Harvest Premium Chicken Breasts

We at Wayne Farms LLC have developed a product line based upon the quality and safety needs the foodservice industry requires. This line ensures the end consumer has the most pleasurable and consistent experience every time. PLATINUM HARVEST®  premium select fresh poultry is just another poultry product. When it comes to satisfying your customers, we are the industry leader.

Check out our full line of premium, all natural, individually frozen raw chicken breasts from Wayne Farms. Trimmed by hand and graded for premium quality, Wayne Farms’ Platinum Harvest chicken breasts are the ultimate in consistency and perfect for any menu option.

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Platinum Harvest Premium Chicken Breasts Products

3oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated 488424 2/5 lb
4oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated 488425 2/5 lb
4oz Boneless/Skinless Marinated 488421 2/5 lb
5oz Boneless/Skinless Marinated 488419 2/5 lb
5oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated 488417 2/5 lb
60z Boneless/Skinless Marinated 488418 2/5 lb
6oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated 488415 2/5 lb
6oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated Double Lobe 488420 2/5 lb
7oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated Double Lobe 488416 2/5 lb
7oz Boneless/Skinless Marinated Double Lobe 488426 2/5 lb
8oz Boneless/Skinless Non-Marinated Double Lobe 488427 2/5 lb
8oz Boneless/Skinless Marinated Double Lobe 488414 2/5 lb