Icing on the Cake with General Mills

Icing on the Cake with General Mills

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Versatile enough to frost, ice or drizzle your every day or specialty bakery items.

Try a classic cream cheese frosting made with simple additions to vanilla icing finishes this carrot cake, and also red velvet cakes, cupcakes and so much more.
A classic treat starts with a brownie mix, gets a powdered sugar coating, and ends as a cookie with a tender crunch on the outside and a soft and chocolaty inside.
Fruity gelatin adds both flavor and color to a sheet cake and icing.
Few things in the dessert world are more versitaile than a vanilla buttercream - icing for cakes, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes.
Sweet, creamy chocolate flavor. Icing is light and airy, providing a smooth texture when spread on a finished product.


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