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Land O’Lakes Butter

Back when Land O'Lakes was founded, most butter was made from sour cream and sold in tubs. Land O'Lakes was the first to make butter from fresh, sweet cream, and sell it in individually wrapped sticks.

This sweet innovation not only set the standard for butter quality, but also changed America's cooking and eating habits.

cooking tip

Land O’Lakes Queso Bravo

Ready to Serve!

Great as a dip, topping, or spicy cheese-based soup, this premium finished sauce is ready when you are. From appetizers to entrées, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, rich and cheesy queso makes every dish a winner – and every operation smoother.


Land O’Lakes Extra Melt Loaf and Shred

Heat and Customize!

Versatility is everything in the professional kitchen. Nothing compares to the convenience, consistency and creamy deliciousness of dishes made from Land O’Lakes Performance Sauces. Add salsa, peppers, or seasonings to make a queso that holds consistently throughout the day.


Land O’Lakes

In 1921, 320 dairy farmers met in St. Paul, Minnesota, to form the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association. Their idea was simple—join together to effectively market and distribute members’ dairy production across the country.

Today at Land O’Lakes, they’re united in a common cause, committed to excellence and inspired by their place in the world—but there are no shortcuts. They’ve never lost sight of the value of a hard day's work.

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Kraft Heinz

The Kraft Heinz Company is committed to building an enduring legacy of good corporate citizenship in the communities where they operate. It moves beyond product quality and assurance.

The company promotes employee volunteerism and has made an impact through strategic investments to address hunger and improve nutrition, both globally and in the areas where their employees live and work.

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At Pactiv, continuous innovation has secured their place as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, and foodservice outlets across North America.

Since their founding in 1965 as Packaging Corporation of America, they have focused on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products available. 

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At Pactiv, continuous innovation has secured their place as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, and foodservice outlets across North America.

Campbell’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

The best way to accommodate a range of year-round diners is by providing an array of customizable options. For soup, a toppings bar is a great way to cater to all kinds of consumers. Different soups can be offered as a base and a topping bar lets consumers personalize their bowls. Tomato soup gets kicked up a notch with pepperoni or sriracha sauce, chicken tortilla turns indulgent with a sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of sweet corn.

Superfoods to makeover your diet

Campbell’s Vegetable Soup

Restaurants are menuing alternative proteins and unique iterations of classic menu items—such as veggie burgers made with mushroom blends or beets, in addition to the standard grain- or bean-based burgers. For diners who are considering vegan or vegetarian entrees, soup is one of the most popular choices. 

Preserving food techniques 

Campbell’s Tomato Soup

The best tasting foods are ones that use in-season ingredients, when they’re at their ripest. For instance, tomato soups and gazpachos will be best toward the end of summer, when tomatoes are abundant and ready to be picked. Cold soups or fruit-forward soups are a unique offering for spring menus, as well.

Campbell’s Soups

Consumers and operators alike sometimes think of soup as a primarily cold-weather dish, but with a bit of tweaking of ingredients and flavors to reflect the seasons, soup can be eaten and enjoyed year-round. Soup can be a versatile option during any time of year, since soup offerings can be customized to fit any diet—from gluten-free to vegan, paleo, and beyond.  

Campbell's Soup recipe inspiration

Pillsbury Pot Pie Dough Round

Pillsbury Pot Pie Dough offers versatility for numerous recipe applications across all dayparts. From quiche to rustic tarts, Pillsbury™ Pot Pie Dough is easy-to-use for chefs and bakers of all skill levels

Check out these 10 alternative Pot Pie Dough recipes

Pillsbury Pie Dough Round

People are eating out more than ever–5.9 times per week, on average, according to a recent Zagat survey.  This growth in restaurant visits comes with a growing desire for new, exciting and globally influenced menu items that cater to increasingly sophisticated palates.

Travel the world with Dough!

Pillsbury Pie Dough Sheets

Pillsbury frozen pie doughs can help transform your menu from breakfast to small plates to desserts in a breeze. The portfolio includes a 10x12 inch Pie Dough Sheet and a 6 inch Pie Dough Round to meet your catering or individual recipe needs.

Pie Dough Recipes

Pillsbury Pie Dough

Easy as pie!  With Pillsbury pie dough rounds and sheets, operators can create simple menu solutions that can take their customers on a journey around the world, without ever leaving their restaurant.  Find tools, recipes, and inspiration to get you started.

Browse Culinary Delights

Ellington Farms Biscuits

Introducing our new line of biscuits from Ellington Farms. Southern style biscuit dough and rich, buttermilk biscuits.  Made with premium ingredients, these offer all of the scratch-made flavor, without all of the scratch- made work.

Biscuits are an all day affair, with demand that keeps going up.  


Lawry’s is restaurant-proven flavor featuring a premium selection of unique rubs, mixes and seasoning blends for the center-of-the-plate. ​

Once used exclusively for prime rib, from the Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurants, the Lawry’s portfolio has expanded to serve the evolving tastes of customer’s, as well as the culinary innovations of today. Chefs can be sure to find inspiration for your menu with Lawry’s, flavoring proteins made easy.​

McCormick Culinary

McCormick Culinary is an essential collection of premium spices, herbs, and seasonings, specially made for chefs. ​

Their global sourcing team enables unparalleled control and understanding of their supply chain, ensuring every McCormick Culinary product delivers a pure and consistent flavor, dish after dish, and service after service.​

Grill Mates

Get an authentic grill taste with or without the grill. McCormick Grill Mates is an essential ingredient, turning anything into an epic dish. Featuring a wide variety of on-trend seasonings to help any chef create perfectly flavored masterpieces that deliver mouthwatering, bold flavors you can see and taste. ​

Stock up on all your favorite products – from classics like McCormick Grill Mates® Montreal Steak® and Montreal Chicken® to new, on-trend flavors like McCormick Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon and Mojito Lime.​

McCormick For Chefs

They travel to far-off lands in their pursuit of pure herbs and spices.  Since their 1889 beginnings in Baltimore, it’s been their quest to search for high quality ingredients.

They source from over 100 countries around the world.  Their commitment to quality carries all the way up the supply chain, supported by our stringent food safety standards.  It’s an attribute that both you and your customers can taste, and one that can transform your meals from good to great.

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Fairlife 2% Chocolate Milk

Our rich and creamy fairlife® chocolate ultra-filtered milk has half the sugars of ordinary chocolate milk and 50% more protein. Finally, an indulgence you can feel good about.​

Harnessing the simple goodness of nature’s superfood – MILK – to bring you nutritious real dairy beverages like never before.​

Fairlife 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk

fairlife® 2% reduced fat ultra-filtered milk has 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk, while still being incredibly delicious and satisfying.​

By gently filtering their milk, they are able to concentrate its natural protein and calcium to bring you more of what you want in one of the most wholesome sources of nutrition on the planet.​


Ultra-Filtered to Perfection

They start with high quality real milk from their farms and run it through a unique filtration. The result? Delicious, nutrient-rich ultra-filtered milk with 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and half the sugars typically found in milk, and it’s lactose free…

Not to mention their product promise, ethical practices, sustainability, and transparency efforts that ensure a truly wholesome experience you can serve up proudly.  There’s so much more in just a pour.

Knorr Hollandaise Classic Sauce

Knorr® Hollandaise Sauce delivers a classic hollandaise flavor inspired by scratch—delicate, yet rich and buttery. Knorr® makes a consistent sauce that holds well in heat, with no breaking or separating. Knorr® Hollandaise convenient dry format means you just add butter and milk to create an authentic sauce. Best in class taste that foodservice professionals can rely on to perform every day with quick, easy preparation. No refrigeration is required.

1906 Ketchup

Showcasing the sweetness of tomatoes, balanced with the exciting tang of vinegar, Ben E. Keith’s new 1906 Ketchup will brighten any dish. This fan favorite tops hotdogs, dips French fries, smothers cheese burgers, and douses everything on a kid’s plate.  


Sustainably produced, vegan, and a cholesterol-free food, this family owned, made in the USA showstopper is a must for all of your tabletops

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Tablecraft Beverage Dispensers

Keep thirsty customers happy with Tablecraft’s stylish beverage dispenser solutions.  A wide variety of  elegant dispensers, that eliminate the need for disposable bottles and elevates your guest experience.​

Cocktails.  Mocktails.  Spa water.  Make your presentation beautiful. ​

Tablecraft Squeeze Bottles

Whether you’re topping your tacos or dipping your fries, your house sauce deserves quick easy access to satisfy your customers. Keep everything organized and within reach.​

Tablecraft’s squeeze bottles are soft, leak-proof, operator-friendly, and makes for faster food prep.

Tablecraft Baskets

Nothing quite says summer dining than enjoying meals outside.  With a wide selection of serving baskets, Tablecraft can help by making clean up a breeze.  ​

Dishwasher safe, microwavable, and heat lamp safe lets you get your summer best menu items into the hands of your customers quickly.  ​


Their mission is to be a value added leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative products that serve the needs of their customers in the Food Service and Retail markets. 

They strive for excellence in their relationships with employees, customers, and community. They pledge to be efficient in their operation and embrace technology. We are proud to support them in their efforts. 

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Ron’s Casseroles

Looking for the perfect side dishes that are big on taste and low on labor?  Ron’s Homestyle casseroles fit the bill.​

Delicious.  Easy.  Crowd-pleasers.

Ron’s Deli Salads

Don’t miss out on this simple revenue builder.  Make sure you have a host of options available for customers to enjoy.  Ron’s Homestyle desserts complement a variety of menu styles.​

Too full for dessert, package up in to-go containers to delight customers later.  They’ll thank you for it.​

Ron’s Desserts

Don’t miss out on this simple revenue builder.  Make sure you have a host of options available for customers to enjoy.  Ron’s Homestyle desserts complement a variety of menu styles.​

Too full for dessert, package up in to-go containers to delight customers later.  They’ll thank you for it.​


They make their products fresh daily under USDA and FDA inspection with the highest quality ingredients and processes to ensure a homemade look and taste.  Made by hand.​

All of their deli salads are ready to eat and most of them are hand packed in plastic, reusable containers.  They use as little machinery as possible to ensure a real homestyle product, with many gluten-free options.​

SmartStock Wrapped Cutlery

Introducing the Dixie Ultra SmartStock Wrapped Cutlery System.  Individual, one-at-a-time dispensing to help reduce waste and consumption.  ​

​With 60% less wrap, these stand alone units fit in tight spaces and are preferred by fast food patrons.  Give your customers what they want.​

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SmartStock Napkin Dispensers

Introducing Dixie Ultra SmartStock Automated Napkin Dispensing System.  With  back-of-house, self-serve, and table top options that delivers the right number of napkins every time.​

Reduce napkin waste by up to 40%, by presetting your dispenses.  You control your protocol and your costs.

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Dixie Paper Plates

Built strong for heavy, messy meals, these bold sturdy plates won’t leave a mess behind for your customers.  With Dixie, you can have confidence in their hassle free convenience.​

Effortlessly serve your customers all year long.  Soak proof shields lets you dish out customer favorites and create the food they love, not get stuck with dirty dishes.​

Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals. Their products are part of everyday life.​

​While they fill a diverse range of home, commercial, and industrial needs, they have one thing in common: they're all made to high standards of quality and safety.

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Oreos are responsible for almost as many happy childhood memories as sunshine and vacation days. And you can have Oreos any day you like – even if you’re an adult. ​

​Twist ‘em, dunk ’em, use ‘em in recipes or just eat them. Every variety of the Oreo family is sure to please and delight, so try them all.​


Fig Newtons

Get reacquainted with the cookie that started it all. For over a century, they’ve been baking real fruit into a one-of-kind, chewy cookie. It started with Fig, and they’ve grown to include delicious fruits like Strawberry and Apple.​

Made with whole grain, and come both chewy and crispy.  Which is best?  Let your customers decide!​


Chips Ahoy

Crammed with chocolate chips, there's no wonder that Chips Ahoy! is the #1 chocolate chip cookie brand in America. Original or chewy, serve up a favorite.​

​Crafted for your delight with real chocolate and cocoa butter, the melt-in-your mouth flavor of Chips Ahoy! is the same as you remember from your childhood. ​




Summer snacking heats up with easy pack choices from Mondelez. Their purpose is to create more moments of joy throughout your day.​

They do so through big and small moments each day, beyond the delicious taste of their products to also include joy for colleagues, consumers, customers, communities and investors.​

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San Antonio New Facility

The new facility is well under way. On April 11th the pouring for the freezer flour began with April 27th as the desired dated to have the freezer floor completed. On April 23rd the office parking lot was prepared for the concrete paving. On April 25th the grass seed was planted for the detention ponds. The roofing for the forklift maintenance and dry warehouse will be completed on May 25th. On Oct. 1st the dry product will be loaded into the warehouse. The anticipated date to move offices over to the new facility is Nov. 16 - 19.

The framing in the office is 85% complete with the paving on-site 80% complete. The roof on the office, cooler, freezer and cooler dock is complete. Connections into city sanitary and storm sewer is complete. The truck shop walls and roof deck are installed and waiting on structual inspection.

We are very excited for the progess of what is taking place and look forward to the months ahead. 

Knorr Caldo de Tomate

This versatile seasoning and base delivers balanced tomato and chicken flavor. A great foundation for paella, zarzuelas, sopas and estofados. Liven up your menu with full-bodied, Latino flavor! These bases offer unlimited versatility across the menu, shelf-stable convenience, superior quality, and no trans fat. Use as a base in preparing soups, moles, sauces, rice, pasta, casseroles and vegetable dishes.

Knorr Caldo

This Hispanic favorite gives a savory chicken flavor wherever it's use- soups, sauces, dressings, salsa, dips and as a flavor-enhancer for rice. Great as a vegetable glaze or rub for chicken or fish too. Liven up your menu with full-bodied, Latino flavor! These bases offer unlimited versatility across the menu, shelf-stable convenience, superior quality, and no trans fat. To prepare a delicious chicken broth, simply dissolve 5 oz Knorr Caldo de Pollo with 6 qts of boiling water to yield 96 ounces of chicken broth. Use also as a base in preparing soups, moles, sauces, rice, pasta, casseroles and vegetable dishes.

Keith Valley Chocolate Ice Cream

Pound cake, waffles, and muffins are all fair game for ice cream sandwiches.  Elevate your presentation with unexpected twists.  For the rich center, feature Keith Valley Chocolate ice cream. ​

​This deep chocolate flavor is one of the reasons why 42% of consumers would visit a restaurant just for their ice cream sandwich offerings.  Give them something to talk about.​

Keith Valley Strawberry Ice Cream

Deliciously creamy with fresh chunks of strawberry mixed right in. Keith Valley Strawberry is the perfect stand-alone dessert choice, the base of a milkshake, or extreme float, topped with popcorn, candy, and a cupcake. ​

54% of consumers would order a milkshake for dessert.  Scoop up some decadence and serve with confidence.  ​

Keith Valley and Ellington Farms Vanilla Ice Cream

With a host of distinct vanillas, you’ll easily find a customer favorite.  Vanilla, Premium Vanilla, Premium Vanilla Bean, and Premium Homestyle Vanilla, brought to you by Ellington Farms and Keith Valley.  ​

​Ice cream is the number one dessert in all of retail and food service.  Don’t miss your chance to create a signature dessert that has customers coming back for more.​

Keith Valley and Ellington Farms Ice Cream

Introducing Ben E. Keith’s exclusive new line of ice cream.  With Premium Vanilla, Premium Vanilla Bean, and Premium Homemade Vanilla from Ellington Farms and Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry from Keith Valley, you’ll find select products to elevate your dessert offerings.  ​

​Trusted quality. High flavor. Low cost. The time to get into the ice cream business is now.​

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Markon RSS Lemons and Lemon Juice

Time to move this humble fruit from the garnish dish.  Markon’s lemons and lemon juice are filled with micronutrients that fight cancer and boost weight loss.  

Enliven salads, vegetables, and feature as desserts.  This happy little fruit leaves a feel good vibe.  Share it freely.



​Recipe:  Lemon Souffles​


Markon RSS Oranges and Orange Juice

This low calorie breakfast staple is a definitely a fan favorite.  Break out of the morning day part and reach new opportunities.  These gems are rich in fiber and boosts brain function.  Add to snack and dessert options.

Great addition to brighten seasonal menu offerings, Markon’s oranges and orange juice have value, flavor, and quality.  Make it a good day, all day.


Recipe:  Blood Orange Sorbet with Edible Flowers


Markon RSS Limes and Lime Juice

This citrus superstar deserves more time in the limelight.  Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, Markon’s limes and lime juice have a long list of health benefits, enhancing a variety of foods and drinks.

Minimal effort for maximum flavor that improves heart health and boosts immunity.  Show your customers some heart-healthy love.


Recipe: Lime-a-Rita Popsicle Shots


Markon RSS Fruits and Juices

Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve juices are gently pasteurized and ready to serve, no mixing, no mess, and no waste.  Fresh taste, high quality, and a variety of flavors and sizes to keep on hand.  ​

Their fruits are grown and packed with unparalleled standards, backed by the Markon 5-Star Food Safety program, ensuring the best food possible, from their farm to your table.​


​Check out Markon's Virtual Cooler



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Markon Cole Slaw

Nothing quite says summer like a cold bowl of fresh cole slaw.  This customer favorite is ordered by fried chicken, sandwich, BBQ, hotdog and hamburger enthusiasts throughout the country.​

While Markon’s Cole Slaw stays the same, crunchy carrots paired with crisp green and red cabbage, the dressing is the star of the show.  Set yourself apart with a summer hit that makes your slaw uniquely your own.​



Markon Arugula

Markon’s Wild Arugula’s peppery leaves are bite-sized and perfect as a stand-alone in a salad, wilted with pasta, or even layered on pizza.  Convenient and ready to serve, this healthy addition can lower blood pressure and weight.

For health-focused consumers, the benefits are in the details.  Menus that feature ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals are the first choice.  Serve fresh, it’s good for everyone.



Recipe: White Pizza with Lemony Arugula



Markon Kale

Mark your calendars for the first Wednesday in October for National Kale Day!  This trendy superfood is still in high demand, as customers reap its many benefits.  Packed with phytonutrients, this cruciferous vegetable fights obesity and heart disease.  

It’s versatility in the kitchen makes it a chef favorite.  Economical, stores easily, and stretches across dayparts.  Super customers deserve superfood. Try Markon’s Kale Color Crunch Salad.


Learn More: Kale 101


Markon Salad Blends

Markon’s Ready-Set-Serve salad blends offer 100% usable products, fixed weight and yield, no preservatives, and sensible pack sizes.​

Sophisticated and nutrient dense, these delicious blends make quick work in the kitchen for your staff and delight your customers at the table.  Cultivate fresh cuisine.​


Markon Trend Report


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Markon RSS Green Beans

A classic ingredient that’s easily featured as a special occasion highlight or Sunday dinner comfort addition.    With versatility across applications, Markon’s Trimmed Green Beans can go from casserole to sauté to salad, in an instant.​

Along with their broad appeal, they are loaded with key nutrients that customers demand.  Pleases both kids and their parents. Serve them family style. ​


Recipe:  Green Bean Casserole​


Markon RSS Cauliflower

Reduces cancer risk, fights inflammation, helps balance hormones, and tastes delicious?  You bet!  Markon’s Cauliflower Florets provide a variety of tasty health benefits to your customers.

And, to you, precut to florets eases labor costs, assists in food preparation, and is a show-stopper ready for prime time.  Get it on your table.


Recipe: Cauliflower Okonomiyaki

Markon RSS Broccoli

It’s one of the best known powerhouse vegetables on the market that offers a long list of health benefits, for just a few calories. Markon’s Broccoli Florets makes prepping easy.

Serving recommendations range from simply steamed to roasted with garlic to chopped in a wrap.  Make sure your kitchen is well stocked.  Your health-focused customers want their green. 


Recipe: Broccoli and Seared Scallops

Markon RSS (Ready Set Serve) Vegetables

Markon and their member companies have been the foodservice industry’s premier source of fresh produce for more than 30 years. 

A leader in food safety, quality control, and innovation, they are also mindful of the produce industry's impact on people – from field workers to consumers. Markon’s fresh fruits and vegetables are backed by key components that ensure our customers always receive what they expect – confidence in every case.


Check out the Markon's Produce Guide App


PRODUCT Information

Admiral of the Fleet Salmon

Admiral of the Fleet Premium Atlantic Salmon products are hatched, raised, processed, and packed exclusively in Norway.  No additives.  No antibiotics. No GMOs.

Atlantic Salmon fillets, portions, and smoked products offer a premium, versatile seafood protein with a firm texture, large flake, high fat content, pink color, and mild flavor suitable to all cuisines. Quality and value every day.



Click here for more info on this product


PRODUCT Information

C.H. Guenther & Son

C.H. Guenther & Son Inc. has delivered high-quality products, exceptional flavors, and a "just baked from scratch" taste for more than 165 years. Their family of brands stretches across your pantry.

They continue to be a leading supplier of gravies and sauces, baking mixes, oven-ready snacks and meals, as well as other value-added food products, for foodservice and to select consumer markets in North America and Europe.

PRODUCT Information


Conestoga gravies, biscuits, pancakes and waffles, corn bread and muffin mixes offer the perfect combination of quality and value. 

Their frozen biscuit dough, roll dough, tortilla dough and fully baked biscuits deliver fresh bread products without all the fuss.

Chef's Tips on Roll Dough


One of the earliest Guenther Brands, Pioneer is still leading the way in the foodservice industry, with quality and convenience. ​

They set the standard for product performance and help you deliver excellence every day with a full line of gravies and sauces, baking mixes, frozen doughs, and much more.​

White Wings

For more than a century, White Wings has been synonymous with purity and abundance. Foodservice professionals choose White Wings Flour and Corn Tortilla.

Mixes for the flavor of traditional Mexican cooking with the ease and convenience of today.

Chef's Tips on Tortillas


They make some of the world’s best-known brands, and all are on a journey to reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact.​

You serve them at home to your family, so serve them to your customers, too.  Feel good about your food.​

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At Knorr, their purpose is to enrich people’s lives through flavor. Flavor is emotionally charged and much richer than just the notion of taste. Flavor can remind you of home and take you far away. 

They bring their flavors to life through authenticity in a way that is honest, progressive, and feels right.  Share that culinary journey with your customers.

Pure Leaf Tea

It’s quite the process to go from seed to sip. But at Pure Leaf, they believe if you’re not going to do something right, why do it all?  Their tea leaves are gently rolled and brewed in smaller batches for smooth, delicious iced tea.​

Their growers strive to achieve harmony between nature and growing some of the best tea on the planet.  Serve confidently.​

PRODUCT Information


Hellmann’s is committed to sourcing their ingredients from sustainable sources because they know that they need to make products that not only taste good, but also do good and don’t cost the earth.

Unlock endless possibilities for taking your favorite dishes from delicious to unforgettable.

Expand your menu offerings with these tasty recipes

Fabri-Kal Side Kicks

*Unique design - upscale look, wide mouth and small base, easy to transport.

*Dual application. - suitable for hot and cold foods, microwavable and dishwasher safe as well as leak resistant with a small fit lid application.

*Versatile details - one lid fits all three containers, stackable, spoonable and dippable.

Admiral of the Fleet Shrimp

Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp offer chefs unparalleled versatility in th kitchen. Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp possess a sweet flavor and tender
flesh that complements every cuisine. For premium headless, peeled and cooked shrimp, Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp deliver quality AND value

Markon Potatoes

Markon potatoes are packed in the nation's premier potato-growing regions. Specs for count and weight surpass those set by USDA, allowing for cost control and menu planning.

Backed by Markon’s comprehensive 5-Star Food Safety® Program, based on specifications, inspections, and information at five key points: fields, facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses, and your kitchen.  Your customers always get the very best.

Markon Cooperative

Markon Cooperative, Inc. consists of seven independent, broadline foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada. Although they are called Markon for short, they take the cooperative part of their name very seriously - for it is their spirit of cooperation that has made this group successful for more than 30 years.

Markon is all about creating solutions for you. Whether you are a single restaurant, a multi-unit business, or anything in between, they work to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

PRODUCT Information

Sterno Candle Collection

Without question, Sterno Products delivers the most comprehensive line of ambience products available to the hospitality industry—cutting edge lamps, liquid and hard wax products, as well as their state-of-the-art flameless candle collection.

Creating effective, compelling ambience is the smartest way to turn a good meal or event into a great one!

Sterno Express Catering

Express Catering is a service extension of an established restaurant (or caterer) that is designed to work in concert with day-to-day operations and provide an additional stream of revenue.

Express Catering provides customers the opportunity to host an event (business lunch, family gathering, holiday party, etc.) and enjoy the great food and experience of their favorite restaurant at their home, place of business, or in any setting of their choice. 

Click here to learn more about how to to get started

Sterno Chafing Fuels

From field pack essential for soldiers in overseas military campaigns since WWI to foodservice pantry staple for nearly 100 years, Sterno Chafing Fuels have represented a tradition of premium quality, consistency, and reliability.


You can trust Sterno Products to provide safe, clean burning chafing fuels – offering a wide variety of burn times – that will keep your food at the ideal serving temperature and serve up a deliciously hot experience for your guests!

Keith Kitchen Essentials

Keith Kitchen Essentials, your complete source for foodservice equipment and supplies. Tabletop and front of the house, to restaurant supplies, sanitary maintenance, and heavy equipment, your one stop shop for all of your hospitality and foodservice solutions.

Click here to view our 2018 catalog

Seasonal Catalogs

2018 Fall Catalog


For more than a century the Sterno Products name has been synonymous with quality and performance in food heating and warming. Today, Sterno delivers the most comprehensive line of portable warming, ambience, butane, and catering products to the hospitality and retail markets.

They are committed to educating end-user customers and distributor partners on safety, proper usage, environmental responsibility and product efficiency.

PRODUCT Information

Libbey contemporary pieces

Set a mood. Set an expectation. Set your tables for success. From fine dining to casual restaurants and hotels to cruise ships, Libbey’s comprehensive product offerings and experienced insights help build your brand.

Turn a smart square bowl into a beautiful and unexpected presentation piece with Slate.  These versatile and contemporary pieces are elegant in their simplicity.

Libbey Tabletop Solutions

Though Libbey has been America’s Glassmaker since 1818 and remains the leading brand name in glass tableware, glassware is just the beginning. Libbey Foodservice offers complete tabletop solutions, including an extensive collection of dinnerware, metalware and holloware for the restaurant professional.

With so many choices, it can be a challenge to get just the right look for your space. 



Click here to try Libbey’s Virtual Tabletop Tool to plan your table experience

Libbey Slate

Bring a distinctive aesthetic appeal to any occasion. The key is to create an exceptional presentation that highlights the food and beverages, but doesn’t compromise on a guest’s ability to partake of them.

With Libbey’s Slate line of square and rectangular plates, dining experiences go from ordinary to extraordinary. Your cuisine takes center stage.


If you’ve ever sipped from a glass, odds are you’ve had your lips on Libbey. They rank as the top glassware manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world. As the runaway leader, they are setting new standards for stability, strength, and growth opportunity.

They believe every occasion – big and small – is an opportunity to celebrate life.  So do we.

PRODUCT Information

handgards Disposable Gloves

Food Service Disposable Gloves are an essential tool in the food service industry.  Combined with proper hand washing procedures, utilizing the use of disposable gloves can help protect food by providing a barrier of protection between hands and food.

Protect yourself and your customers, while maintaining efficient operations.

PRODUCT Information

Handgards Bun Pan Rack Cover

High Density Bun Pan Rack Covers are made from an extremely durable and flexible material, HDPE, which is high density polyethylene. These bags can withstand temperatures down to -50°F and up to 200°F.

This durable material is strong, tough, tear resistant, and easy to identify contents of bun rack. They provide protection for foods stored in full size “52 x 80” and “60 x 80”.  Keeps food moist and fresh and it keeps dust out.

handgards Disposable Aprons

Low Density Disposable Poly Aprons are recommended for all prep and serving duties. They protect uniforms and clothing, and combined with proper hygiene practices and frequent changes, can help reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Extra long ties make tying quick and easy, and a large neck opening provide a cooler more comfortable wear.

PRODUCT Information


For over 58 years, Handgards has earned the respect and confidence of the food service industry as a progressive innovator in food safety.

They have been the leader for food service disposables and have flourished by retaining an industry leading ability to develop new and innovative products that help you save time and money.  Trust in their heritage.

pactiv Steam Table Pans

Aluminum steam table pans have been the longtime favorite of caterers for both hot and cold food presentations. Steam table pans combine the strength, durability, and economy of aluminum foil.

You can depend on these.  When it comes to single use steam table pans, Pactiv has it all.


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Pactiv Foam Hinged Lid Container

Whether it's flexible, crack-resistant APET or durable foam with its exceptional insulation properties, their containers serve a variety of food applications and offer innovative Pactiv features like push-in vents and SmartLock.

Custom embossing available.  Boost marketing efforts and keep your business top of mind with customers.


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Pactiv Foil and Film

Pactiv aluminum foils and plastic wraps make dispensing a snap. Available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and widths for nearly every storage and wrapping need in any foodservice environment.  

Available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and widths for nearly every storage and wrapping need.


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Ben E. Keith Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar, sugar in the raw, is in growing demand with customers across the country.  This amber-hued sugar has large sparkling crystals and a deep, sweet flavor, due to the molasses left in the finished crystals.

This choice is less processed than refined sugar and has fewer calories. 

DairyPure Milk®

Dean Foods is proud to introduce new DairyPure® brand white milk from their trusted regional dairy brands. They are passionate about the purity of your milk, which is why every DairyPure product is held to an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise:

  • No Artificial Growth Hormones
  • All milk is tested for antibiotics
  • Continually quality tested to ensure purity
  • From cows fed a healthy diet
  • Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy

Fresh and delicious from farm to fridge.

DairyPure Heavy Whipping Cream

Dean's DairyPure Heavy Whipping Cream is the perfect solution to all of your baking needs. Rich and creamy, it adds flavor to any sauce and whips up wonderfully for light, fluffy clouds of whipped cream.

Provide that fresh-from-the-dairy taste for drinks, desserts, creamy sauces and more.  Are your customers looking for a delicious light cream?  It’s here, too.

DairyPure / TruMoo

Just as milk grows healthy bodies and families, Dean Foods nourishes a strong and vibrant dairy industry. A dynamic company with an entrepreneurial spirit, they are the country's largest processor and distributor of dairy products, giving them a unique responsibility.

Their thousands of customer-focused employees take great pride in delivering fresh, nourishing, and quality products to customers - pure and simple.

Santiago Black Beans

Santiago Black Beans are made with beans grown by farmers in the Western United States. Perfectly seasoned, gluten free, vegetarian, low-fat, and a good source of fiber makes these a ‘keep on hand’ staple of any kitchen.

With versatility that stretches across dayparts, and menu items, these delicious black beans can be used as a side dish or be featured as the star of a main course.

Santiago Refried Beans

Authentic taste and texture in just three easy steps to deliver your customers ‘scratch quality’ refried beans.  No preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors is a product promise you can feel good about.

Santiago Refried Beans are a low fat, plant based protein. Easy mix-ins enhance their humble presence and create limited time offers to keep your customers coming back for more.

Basic American Foods

Family owned and operated since 1933, Basic American Foods has the best selling line of shelf-stable potatoes and beans today, by combining consumer preferred taste with exceptional convenience. Their ongoing innovation (40+ patents) focuses on continuously meeting customer needs. 

Their convenient potato and bean products are made from 100% USA grown potatoes and beans. Cooked, dried and packaged utilizing proprietary technology and stringent quality specifications to lock in flavor and texture for that "from scratch" taste in every batch.

PRODUCT Information

Simply Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry juice just got a taste lift! Made with 27% not-from-concentrate cranberry juice, Simply Cranberry Cocktail is perfectly sweet, perfectly tart and perfectly cranberry.

Start the new year off right. Pour your customers a delicious and refreshing glass, packed with healthy immune boosting properties.

Simply Apple

It’s like biting into a crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe apple. Simply Apple is 100% pure-pressed apple juice. Never sweetened. Never concentrated. And, never anything less than crisp, cold, and incredibly irresistible.

Probably one of the best-loved fruits around the world, this crowd pleaser satisfies both kids and parents.  Quality you can taste.

Ben E. Keith Sugar and Sweetners

Helping your customers balance healthy living while offering refreshing sweet sips is easy with Sweet D’Lite. Recognizable packets of no calorie and low calorie options you can easily keep within reach.

Introducing the newest product to the Ben E. Keith sweeteners line, Natural Turbinado Cane Sugar. This sugar in the raw is growing in demand.  Customize your sweet. 


TruMoo is a win-win for parents and kids! They always strive to offer consumers the highest quality products and TruMoo is no exception. Starting with fresh milk from a trusted dairy, with no artificial growth hormones and adding just the right amount of sugar, makes TruMoo a truly good thing.

Contains no high fructose corn syrup, and they've added no GMO ingredients to the list of reasons to love TruMoo. Better for you.

Ben E. Keith Sugar

The most common source for sweetening, often referred to as table sugar or granulated sugar, is still frequently reached for by customers. 

Keep a handful of Ben E. Keith’s sugar packets close by for everything from coffee to iced tea to homemade peach lemonade.

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