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Admiral of the Fleet Atlantic Salmon

Admiral of the Fleet Premium Atlantic Salmon products are hatched, raised, processed, and packed exclusively in Norway.  No additives.  No antibiotics. No GMOs.

Atlantic Salmon fillets, portions, and smoked products offer a premium, versatile seafood protein with a firm texture, large flake, high fat content, pink color, and mild flavor suitable to all cuisines. Quality and value every day.


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Fabri-Kal Side Kicks

*Unique design - upscale look, wide mouth and small base, easy to transport.

*Dual application. - suitable for hot and cold foods, microwavable and dishwasher safe as well as leak resistant with a small fit lid application.

*Versatile details - one lid fits all three containers, stackable, spoonable and dippable.

Admiral of the Fleet Shrimp

Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp offer chefs unparalleled versatility in th kitchen. Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp possess a sweet flavor and tender
flesh that complements every cuisine. For premium headless, peeled and cooked shrimp, Admiral of the Fleet farm raised shrimp deliver quality AND value

Markon Potatoes

Markon potatoes are packed in the nation's premier potato-growing regions. Specs for count and weight surpass those set by USDA, allowing for cost control and menu planning.

Backed by Markon’s comprehensive 5-Star Food Safety® Program, based on specifications, inspections, and information at five key points: fields, facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses, and your kitchen.  Your customers always get the very best.

Markon Cooperative

Markon Cooperative, Inc. consists of seven independent, broadline foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada. Although they are called Markon for short, they take the cooperative part of their name very seriously - for it is their spirit of cooperation that has made this group successful for more than 30 years.

Markon is all about creating solutions for you. Whether you are a single restaurant, a multi-unit business, or anything in between, they work to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

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Sterno Candle Collection

Without question, Sterno Products delivers the most comprehensive line of ambience products available to the hospitality industry—cutting edge lamps, liquid and hard wax products, as well as their state-of-the-art flameless candle collection.

Creating effective, compelling ambience is the smartest way to turn a good meal or event into a great one!

Sterno Express Catering

Express Catering is a service extension of an established restaurant (or caterer) that is designed to work in concert with day-to-day operations and provide an additional stream of revenue.

Express Catering provides customers the opportunity to host an event (business lunch, family gathering, holiday party, etc.) and enjoy the great food and experience of their favorite restaurant at their home, place of business, or in any setting of their choice. 

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Sterno Chafing Fuels

From field pack essential for soldiers in overseas military campaigns since WWI to foodservice pantry staple for nearly 100 years, Sterno Chafing Fuels have represented a tradition of premium quality, consistency, and reliability.


You can trust Sterno Products to provide safe, clean burning chafing fuels – offering a wide variety of burn times – that will keep your food at the ideal serving temperature and serve up a deliciously hot experience for your guests!

Keith Kitchen Essentials

Keith Kitchen Essentials, your complete source for foodservice equipment and supplies. Tabletop and front of the house, to restaurant supplies, sanitary maintenance, and heavy equipment, your one stop shop for all of your hospitality and foodservice solutions.

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For more than a century the Sterno Products name has been synonymous with quality and performance in food heating and warming. Today, Sterno delivers the most comprehensive line of portable warming, ambience, butane, and catering products to the hospitality and retail markets.

They are committed to educating end-user customers and distributor partners on safety, proper usage, environmental responsibility and product efficiency.

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Libbey contemporary pieces

Set a mood. Set an expectation. Set your tables for success. From fine dining to casual restaurants and hotels to cruise ships, Libbey’s comprehensive product offerings and experienced insights help build your brand.

Turn a smart square bowl into a beautiful and unexpected presentation piece with Slate.  These versatile and contemporary pieces are elegant in their simplicity.

Libbey Tabletop Solutions

Though Libbey has been America’s Glassmaker since 1818 and remains the leading brand name in glass tableware, glassware is just the beginning. Libbey Foodservice offers complete tabletop solutions, including an extensive collection of dinnerware, metalware and holloware for the restaurant professional.

With so many choices, it can be a challenge to get just the right look for your space. 



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Libbey Slate

Bring a distinctive aesthetic appeal to any occasion. The key is to create an exceptional presentation that highlights the food and beverages, but doesn’t compromise on a guest’s ability to partake of them.

With Libbey’s Slate line of square and rectangular plates, dining experiences go from ordinary to extraordinary. Your cuisine takes center stage.


If you’ve ever sipped from a glass, odds are you’ve had your lips on Libbey. They rank as the top glassware manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world. As the runaway leader, they are setting new standards for stability, strength, and growth opportunity.

They believe every occasion – big and small – is an opportunity to celebrate life.  So do we.

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handgards Disposable Gloves

Food Service Disposable Gloves are an essential tool in the food service industry.  Combined with proper hand washing procedures, utilizing the use of disposable gloves can help protect food by providing a barrier of protection between hands and food.

Protect yourself and your customers, while maintaining efficient operations.

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Handgards Bun Pan Rack Cover

High Density Bun Pan Rack Covers are made from an extremely durable and flexible material, HDPE, which is high density polyethylene. These bags can withstand temperatures down to -50°F and up to 200°F.

This durable material is strong, tough, tear resistant, and easy to identify contents of bun rack. They provide protection for foods stored in full size “52 x 80” and “60 x 80”.  Keeps food moist and fresh and it keeps dust out.

handgards Disposable Aprons

Low Density Disposable Poly Aprons are recommended for all prep and serving duties. They protect uniforms and clothing, and combined with proper hygiene practices and frequent changes, can help reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Extra long ties make tying quick and easy, and a large neck opening provide a cooler more comfortable wear.

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For over 58 years, Handgards has earned the respect and confidence of the food service industry as a progressive innovator in food safety.

They have been the leader for food service disposables and have flourished by retaining an industry leading ability to develop new and innovative products that help you save time and money.  Trust in their heritage.

pactiv Steam Table Pans

Aluminum steam table pans have been the longtime favorite of caterers for both hot and cold food presentations. Steam table pans combine the strength, durability, and economy of aluminum foil.

You can depend on these.  When it comes to single use steam table pans, Pactiv has it all.


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Pactiv Foam Hinged Lid Container

Whether it's flexible, crack-resistant APET or durable foam with its exceptional insulation properties, their containers serve a variety of food applications and offer innovative Pactiv features like push-in vents and SmartLock.

Custom embossing available.  Boost marketing efforts and keep your business top of mind with customers.


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Pactiv Foil and Film

Pactiv aluminum foils and plastic wraps make dispensing a snap. Available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and widths for nearly every storage and wrapping need in any foodservice environment.  

Available in a variety of gauges, lengths, and widths for nearly every storage and wrapping need.


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At Pactiv, continuous innovation has secured their place as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, and foodservice outlets across North America.

Since their founding in 1965 as Packaging Corporation of America, they have focused on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products available. 

Ben E. Keith Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar, sugar in the raw, is in growing demand with customers across the country.  This amber-hued sugar has large sparkling crystals and a deep, sweet flavor, due to the molasses left in the finished crystals.

This choice is less processed than refined sugar and has fewer calories. 

DairyPure Milk®

Dean Foods is proud to introduce new DairyPure® brand white milk from their trusted regional dairy brands. They are passionate about the purity of your milk, which is why every DairyPure product is held to an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise:

  • No Artificial Growth Hormones
  • All milk is tested for antibiotics
  • Continually quality tested to ensure purity
  • From cows fed a healthy diet
  • Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy

Fresh and delicious from farm to fridge.

DairyPure Heavy Whipping Cream

Dean's DairyPure Heavy Whipping Cream is the perfect solution to all of your baking needs. Rich and creamy, it adds flavor to any sauce and whips up wonderfully for light, fluffy clouds of whipped cream.

Provide that fresh-from-the-dairy taste for drinks, desserts, creamy sauces and more.  Are your customers looking for a delicious light cream?  It’s here, too.

DairyPure / TruMoo

Just as milk grows healthy bodies and families, Dean Foods nourishes a strong and vibrant dairy industry. A dynamic company with an entrepreneurial spirit, they are the country's largest processor and distributor of dairy products, giving them a unique responsibility.

Their thousands of customer-focused employees take great pride in delivering fresh, nourishing, and quality products to customers - pure and simple.

Santiago Black Beans

Santiago Black Beans are made with beans grown by farmers in the Western United States. Perfectly seasoned, gluten free, vegetarian, low-fat, and a good source of fiber makes these a ‘keep on hand’ staple of any kitchen.

With versatility that stretches across dayparts, and menu items, these delicious black beans can be used as a side dish or be featured as the star of a main course.

Santiago Refried Beans

Authentic taste and texture in just three easy steps to deliver your customers ‘scratch quality’ refried beans.  No preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors is a product promise you can feel good about.

Santiago Refried Beans are a low fat, plant based protein. Easy mix-ins enhance their humble presence and create limited time offers to keep your customers coming back for more.

Basic American Foods

Family owned and operated since 1933, Basic American Foods has the best selling line of shelf-stable potatoes and beans today, by combining consumer preferred taste with exceptional convenience. Their ongoing innovation (40+ patents) focuses on continuously meeting customer needs. 

Their convenient potato and bean products are made from 100% USA grown potatoes and beans. Cooked, dried and packaged utilizing proprietary technology and stringent quality specifications to lock in flavor and texture for that "from scratch" taste in every batch.

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Simply Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry juice just got a taste lift! Made with 27% not-from-concentrate cranberry juice, Simply Cranberry Cocktail is perfectly sweet, perfectly tart and perfectly cranberry.

Start the new year off right. Pour your customers a delicious and refreshing glass, packed with healthy immune boosting properties.

Simply Apple

It’s like biting into a crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe apple. Simply Apple is 100% pure-pressed apple juice. Never sweetened. Never concentrated. And, never anything less than crisp, cold, and incredibly irresistible.

Probably one of the best-loved fruits around the world, this crowd pleaser satisfies both kids and parents.  Quality you can taste.

Ben E. Keith Sugar and Sweetners

Helping your customers balance healthy living while offering refreshing sweet sips is easy with Sweet D’Lite. Recognizable packets of no calorie and low calorie options you can easily keep within reach.

Introducing the newest product to the Ben E. Keith sweeteners line, Natural Turbinado Cane Sugar. This sugar in the raw is growing in demand.  Customize your sweet. 


TruMoo is a win-win for parents and kids! They always strive to offer consumers the highest quality products and TruMoo is no exception. Starting with fresh milk from a trusted dairy, with no artificial growth hormones and adding just the right amount of sugar, makes TruMoo a truly good thing.

Contains no high fructose corn syrup, and they've added no GMO ingredients to the list of reasons to love TruMoo. Better for you.

Ben E. Keith Sugar

The most common source for sweetening, often referred to as table sugar or granulated sugar, is still frequently reached for by customers. 

Keep a handful of Ben E. Keith’s sugar packets close by for everything from coffee to iced tea to homemade peach lemonade.

Ben E. Keith Sweet D’Lite

Customers are looking for ways to boost their healthy living efforts.  They know that even small steps make a big difference.  That’s why it is important to provide a variety of choices to help them make good decisions.

Sweet D’Lite’s no calorie and low calorie options are designed for customers to customize their sweet.  Keep plenty of recognizable blue, green, pink, and yellow packets at the table.

Elite World Imports Artichokes

Elite World Import’s Quartered Artichoke Hearts are harvested fresh and stored in brine.  A gold star among imports, these bring a touch of class to pasta, pizzas, dips, salads, risotto, and soups.

See how easy it is to enhance your menu items with this humble, low-calorie vegetable.  Elevate your dish.

Elite World Imports Chunk Tuna

The delicious first choice for calorie-minded, health-focused consumers that appreciate the heart benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Boasting a good source of protein and minerals, tuna stretches across dayparts with versatility spanning a wide range of applications.

Packed in water with care, to maintain the best quality possible for you and your customers. Elite World Import’s fresh flavor and light chunks denote upscale value.

Elite World Imports Mandarin Oranges

Enjoy these little Elite World Import mandarin orange segments of sweet delights in salads, desserts, main dishes, and even paired with vegetables. These flavorful additions bring a perk of vitamins and packed in a light syrup. 

Add beautiful color and a touch of citrus to many menu applications that your customers will enjoy.

Gold Medal Corn Muffin Mix

Gold Medal has earned the trust of bakers everywhere and for a good reason.  The best grades of premium wheat are selected, and quality checks performed through the milling process for consistent results – time after time, recipe after recipe. 

Rest assured knowing that if you are cooking for 10 or cooking for 1,000, you’ll get the results you expect, and customers will get the taste they love.

Golden Harvest Cream Cheese

Golden Harvest cream cheese is a fresh, natural cheese that can be used as a spread or dip, as well as in sweet or savory dishes. Smooth and creamy, its primary ingredient is cream rather than milk. A starter culture is added to the milk and cream. This process causes it to ferment and creates cream cheese’s unique texture and flavor. 

A holiday staple to keep in your kitchen, make sure you have plenty on hand!

Golden Harvest Cheese Cubes

It’s no secret that we love cheese! We think cheese can make just about anything taste better. There are so many things to enjoy about cheese – the taste, the nutrition, the variety – but the thing we enjoy the most is being able to share it with so many people.

Gorgonzola, cheddar, American, Swiss, Provolone, the possibilities are as endless as their applications.

Ellington Farms Mini Corn Dogs

These bite-sized Ellington Farm’s Mini Corn Dogs may be small, but they are big in flavor.  Just like their full-sized friends, they feature plump, juicy franks and are dipped in a honey, cornmeal batter. 

Cooked in a cholesterol-free oil, and available in all meat or turkey, the only thing these little bites are missing is their sticks!  Little snacks for big appetites.

Ellington Farms Turkey Corn Dog

Trans fat-free, Ellington Farm’s turkey corn dogs are a tasty option for customers wanting a healthier alternative to their beloved treat.  A good source of protein, these plump and juicy corn dogs are indeed a low-fat alternative with all of the flavor. 

Let your customers indulge in a fan favorite, with all of the fun and none of the guilt.

Ellington Farms All Meat Corn Dog

Full of flavor and a fan favorite that spans both young and old alike.  Versatile across amusement parks, stadiums, schools, daycares and restaurants, this crowd pleaser is an easy and accessible addition to your menu. 

All meat franks are bursting with flavor and a quality consistency on which you can rely.  The only question you need to answer is ketchup or mustard? 

Ellington Farms Corn Dogs

Starting with top quality ingredients, and adding in the special attention to customer’s preferences, a cult following is born.  Ellington Farm’s delicious premium franks are dipped into a honey, cornmeal batter and cooked in a cholesterol-free oil until golden brown.

Quick and easy treats for any occasion, location, or customer.  Choose from all meat, turkey, or even minis, where the only thing missing is the stick!

Check out these Corn Diggity Dog facts!

AdvancePierre Breaded Beef, Pork, and Veal

An industry leader, AdvancePierre’s depth and breadth of product is unrivaled.  Consistently delivering great taste, quality, sizes, and flavor profiles to meet a variety of menu applications and price points.  Serve your customers made-from-scratch dining experiences, without the worry of a breading station.  Premium offerings to keep your menu fresh and drive new business.

AdvancePierre The PUB Steak Burgers

Raised without hormones and no antibiotics, all natural and minimally processed, these flame-grilled burgers are packed with flavor. These hearty burgers provide a mild beef flavor profile with lower saltiness and a clean burger taste. The texture is a clean surface with a juicy, loose bite. Experience increased food safety, faster prep times, and less clean-up to boost your operations. 

AdvancePierre Certified Angus Beef Brand Products

College students want meals that can be customized to their expectations. They expect a variety of on-trend, portable foods that can be eaten on the go. AdvancePierre Foods partners with farmers and ranchers to bring exceptional flavor in every bite with pre-portioned, protein-based products and fully assembled, individually wrapped sandwiches.  Philly cheesesteak, corned beef, and beef brisket are at your fingertips.

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat

Slow roasted, oven roasted, natural beef, chicken, ham, and turkey breast choices deliver an easy addition to your off-premise offerings.  Enhance your take out menu with a home-style meal, packed with flavor.  Perfect for a hearty sandwich or rolled into a quick wrap.  Small, family farm flavors and craftsmanship in every bite, with the best cuts of meat and practices.  Keep your customers happy with on-the-go value and a taste you can depend on.

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage

Made with 100% USDA-inspected meat. Featuring natural casings to seal in delicious flavor and juices, and hardwood smoked for rich, distinctive Hillshire Farm flavor.  Fully cooked. Just heat and serve for great taste that saves you time and money.  Versatility across applications makes these easy to prepare and even easier for customers to enjoy.  Delivering only the best to their customers, since 1934.

Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties and Links

It’s a brighter day thanks to sunshine and sausage. Savor the delicious taste of all-natural premium sausage patties and links.  Made with 100% USDA-inspected fresh cuts of quality pork for maximum flavor.  Uniform shape with firm, consistent texture. Virtually no shrink for improved yield. Nothing else tastes quite like Jimmy Dean. Their signature blend of savory seasonings is a hit with customers. That unmistakable flavor has graced their fresh, high-quality products, since 1969.

Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast Strips

Perfectly grilled chicken strips delivered to every dish, every time.  Whether you are topping tacos, pizza, pasta, paninis, or salads, take the guess work out of the prep work.   Simplify your meal time with a ready to go favorite. All natural, white meat chicken, with no preservatives.  Carved from real breast fillets, these additions are in demand with health conscious diners.

Tyson Chicken Tenders

Portioned for cost control, these tenders are packed with flavor.   Gluten-free and all natural options ensures your customers can support their healthy lifestyles.  Home-style, zesty, crispy, spicy, lightly breaded, or frittered, these can easily cross departs and support a broad range of menu options.  Not just a kids favorite, a growing number of adults enjoy them just as much.

Tyson Chicken Wings

For bone-in or boneless chicken wing options full of flavor and ready for your favorite dipping sauce, this versatile crowd pleaser is your go-to appetizer solution.  Fully-cooked, signature ready, breaded, or glazed, the choice is yours.  Quick and easy to prepare, just build from the basics.  Good, quality food for your customers and a Tyson team ready in your kitchen. Get set.  Go!

Jimmy Dean / Hillshire Farm

From Jimmy Dean’s savory sausage patties for breakfast to Hillshire Farm’s smoked rope sausage for dinner, creating delicious meals that keep your customers coming back for more has never been easier. 

Their legacies provide a promise that still holds true today, quality is always the most important ingredient and it will never go out of season.  Taste the difference in what generations of care and craftsmanship bring to the table.  It’s how they made their names.

Advance Pierre

AdvancePierre Foods has a passion for food. They strive to bring together the great-tasting foods and the experiences customers crave, by delivering unmatched versatility, profitability, and simplicity.  From restaurants to schools to daycares and hospitals, AdvancePierre Foods works with you to create unique food solutions that delight your customers. Country fried steak, veal patties, meatloaf, and cheeseburgers are just a few of the choices that prove just how delicious quality and value can be.  Taste and experience the difference yourself.


So many flavor profiles, so little wings!  The possibilities are endless. You can rest assured knowing that your customers will enjoy simple, fresh chicken.  It’s the simple things that make life great.  Eat.  Repeat.  Tyson has always taken pride in bringing quality food to real people. Whether it’s fresh or frozen chicken for a home-style meal, or prepared chicken for a quick bite, they’re dedicated to using the highest quality meat and ingredients, from the farm to your table.  It’s their quality promise.

Highliner Seafood for Lent

PRODUCT Information


Highliner is on a mission to remind everyone just how amazingly healthy, versatile and tasty seafood is, and they want you to come 
along. They want to help you create seafood masterpieces your customers can’t help but crave. Make seafood something to celebrate.

Keith’s Essentials Chemicals

PRODUCT Information

Keith's Essentials® branded products offers a line of chemicals you can depend on to keep your kitchen clean.


From degreaser to hand soaps, look no further for a reliable solution to your back of the house cleanliness needs.


Gills Onions

PRODUCT Information

Founded in 1983, Gills Onions is one of the nation’s largest, family-owned onion growers and operates one of the largest, most innovative and sustainable fresh-cut onion processing plants in the world. In the 1980’s, farming brothers Steve and David Gill were asked by a salsa manufacturing company to provide diced onions for its products. Before then, the only way to wash, skin, slice, and dice onions was by hand in the kitchen. The Gills developed proprietary equipment and processes to peel, slice, dice, and deliver the first fresh cut onions.

Today, Gills Onions, renowned for the highest quality fresh onion products in the market today, are found in everything from salsa to spaghetti sauce to fast food chains and are available nationally to consumers in the fresh produce section of their supermarkets. Along the way, the Gills committed to growing and processing the highest quality, most flavorful Fresh Onions – and to exploring new technologies and methods to maximize conservation and efficiency.

WINN Meat Gourmet Burgers

PRODUCT Information

WINN Meat custom crafted burgers offer chefs and restaurant owners the next generation of gourmet burgers. Instead of adding spices to create the flavor profile you’re looking for, we use the actual raw materials to generate superior taste and texture. 

Serve The Taste Customers' Are Wanting....


Our raw materials start with fresh never frozen USA Midwest Corn Fed Angus Chucks. No cow or bull meat allowed. We then mix our ground chuck with raw materials such as corned beef brisket, pastrami and White Cheddar Infused IPA Beer.  

No matter what flavor you're serving, bacon/pork, corned beef, pastrami or brisket, We Guarantee WINN Gourmet Burgers Are A Taste Your Customers' Crave.

Not all items are stocked in all locations.

Contact your Ben E. Keith Sales Representative and order yours today!

Winn Meat Beef Blend Burgers and Sliders

PRODUCT Information


All of these delicious new loaded beef blend burgers are available in 6 oz patties, 2 oz sliders and 2 ct 5lb bulk.


Ben E. Keith and Winn Meat Company have joined forces to become the dominant force in center of the plate and protein offerings. This single company, with more than 210 years of combined experience, produce and deliver the highest quality protein available in foodservice today.

This one company approach ensures more flexibility, more responsiveness and more efficiency in delivery. Also, the new structure brings a better packaging option which will insure the quality of the product and provide extended shelf life. The attention to detail in workmanship and food safety are the same, and now available on one delivery.


RSS Cauli Creations

PRODUCT Information

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Cauli Creations are an easy start to creating fresh, on-trend cauliflower-based dishes; think cauliflower rice, mash, fried cakes, patties, tots, even baked goods!

View the video below for recipe ideas:


Bistro Bars 4 the Holidays

Marie’s New Dressings

PRODUCT Information

Marie's Dressings

  • Marie's has exceptional taste-premium dressings crafted with high-quality ingredients.
  • Versatility-use in a variety of applications, dressing cold vegetables to glazing hot proteins, or as a +1 recipe ingredient

Salad, Sauces & Seasonings

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Salads, Sauces & Seasonings

Kraft Heinz Side Items

PRODUCT Information

Strong support items, build a stronger plate


PRODUCT Information

Refrigerated Liquid ESL Egg Products

A Ben E. Keith Foods Exclusive.






Foodservice trends are constantly changing and breakfast continues to be a bright spot, with eggs playing a key role. Whether consumers are looking for comfort foods or ideal protein sources, eggs are on the menu to meet those needs. Rembrandt offers a wide assortment of egg blends and patties for all your foodservice occasions. Rembrandt Foods® egg products are here to make your job easier. Egg products help you save time and allow you to prepare a safe and healthy meal for your consumers.


  • Egg Yield
  • Minimal Storage Space
  • Labor Savings
  • Food Safety
  • Product Shelf Life
  • Less Cleanup


Get Your Egg Conversion Chart Here!

For ordering assistance or more product information, contact your Amarillo district sales representative.



PRODUCT Information

Fresh fruits are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. 

They’re full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which can improve health.

Eating more produce may even help protect against heart disease.

Fresh produce may not always be available, and frozen varieties are a convenient alternative.





Markon has the same standard in partnering with packagers who preserve Markon First Crop.  This product in the photo includes peaches, honeydew, grapes, pineapples, and strawberries.

Markon has added more choices to the frozen section of fresh fruits. Check them out and Get Yours today!


PRODUCT Information




Golden Harvest dressings are made with the highest quality ingredients for a made-from-scratch taste. Developed by culinary experts for foodservice professionals, Golden Harvest dressings ensure uncompromising quality and on-trend specialty flavor profiles for a signature taste you will be proud to call your own.

The insight of Ventura Foods culinary team comes through in every Golden Harvest Dressing: superior ingredients and sophisticated flavors.



With inventive new products, custom formulations and a solid, proven product base, Ventura Foods meets the demand for products that perform well on the menu, in the kitchen or as an ingredient. No one is more agile at bringing custom food solutions to life.


Learn More about Ventura Foods and Golden Harvest Dressings!

Admiral of the Fleet Premium Seafood

Perfect potatoes start with one ingredient, 100% real potatoes.  With no artificial colors or flavors, you can be sure that you are serving up the highest scratch quality, time after time.  For authentic comfort food that patrons crave, versatility across applications, and quick, easy preparation that stretches across mashed potatoes, hash browns, casseroles, and cut potatoes, Basic American Foods is your one stop shop for a better way with potatoes.

Mashed potatoes that rival scratch with quality and flavor.  You’ll be proud to serves these to all of your customers.  Authentic flavor, with a smooth texture.  Easy to prepare, no washing, handling, or boiling.  Versatile, ready to create your own signature dish or use as a base.  Economical, lowers food costs and increase operational efficiency.  Redefine your perception of what a convenient product can be. 

McCain Brew City

PRODUCT Information

GREAT TASTE Made with craft-brewed American Pale Ale, BREW CITY has real beer in every bite.

BACK-OF-HOUSE APPEARANCE Golden amber color and consistently irregular coating looks and eats like you made them back of house


PRODUCT Information

Chicken Wings

Have them as a snack or as part of your meal, Tyson®Chicken Wings are great for any occasion. Cook with your favorite sauce for the perfect meal everyone will love.


PRODUCT Information


Since our earliest days in Calabria, Italy—when the Rotella family made rustic loaves of breads for the villagers—they understood that baking high quality products begins with the finest of ingredients, integrated carefully with old world skills passed on from generation to generation.


PRODUCT Information

America's Catch 

America's Catch catfish are fed high-protein food pellets which are a mixture of soybeans, corn, wheat, vitamins and minerals. This specially formulated feed is puffed to float so the fish eat at the top of the water, another of the reasons for their catfish's superior taste.


PRODUCT Information

High Liner Seafood

Sustainability Is Not an Option. It’s the Answer.

As the leading North American, value-added, frozen seafood company, High Liner Foods feels a profound responsibility to the oceans and the planet. It is critical for the future that we manage our fisheries responsibly. We have all heard about the challenges facing the health of our oceans and the decline of some fish stocks. When it comes to seafood, sustainable fishing practices means the product you are buying has been caught in a manner that ensures the long-term viability of our environment and our oceans.

Trident Seafood for Lent

PRODUCT Information


At Trident, their mission is to provide a wide selection of top-quality products to foodservice customers who depend on the right seafood all of the time. Their commitment begins on the ocean, where they harvest the majority of the seafood they sell.

Golden Harvest Natural Sliced Cheese

PRODUCT Information

Natural slices are an essential ingredient in any tasty dish. Golden Harvest® natural cheese slices come in a variety of flavors, offering something for every palate in a convenient, ready-to-use format. Pre-slicing provides consistent portion sizes every time, making it easy to control calorie consumption. Cleanup is a breeze with this safe, hassle-free alternative to hand cutting.


Click the link below to view the product page:




Bueno Hot Green Chile

PRODUCT Information

Christmas is not just a holiday, but a way of life.  

Heat up your Christmas with Bueno HOT Green Chile!

Bueno Hot Green Chile is a meatier chile and holds up extremely well through the cooking process!

Green Chile

New Mexico grown guaranteed chile, harvested fresh, flame roasted, peeled, diced, packaged and flash frozen to lock in the chile’s natural flavor and nutrients—all within 24 hours of harvest! 100% green chile: no citric acid, no preservatives, no additives. Pure New Mexico goodness grown by New Mexican farmers and produced by a New Mexican family. 

Red Chile

The taste of the Southwest begins with Red Chile: puree, powder, or pods. Your favorite red chile sauce is as easy as adding water, making a roux, and adding spices. It’s BUENO® pure and simple—no additives, preservatives, MSG, or salt. 

Jimmy Dean® Sausage Patties & Sausage Rolls

PRODUCT Information

Jimmy's key to success had always been simple: "Appeal to people with quality and honesty, you'll win their confidence. Maintain quality and honesty and you'll keep it." Hanging his hat on this notion, he worked tirelessly to bring the premium taste and quality of Jimmy Dean® pork sausage to breakfast tables across the country and quickly took the brand to number one.

Now, over 40 years later, families continue to enjoy the great taste of Jimmy Dean® products. And the roll sausage is still packaged in our signature gold, just like Jimmy preferred. From breakfast sandwiches to breakfast bowls, the brand continues to help people start their day right. As Jimmy Dean said in our first company slogan, "Have a good breakfast, have a good day."


Download the Product Page Here:



Tyson Hot Dogs

PRODUCT Information

Tyson All Beef or All Meat Hot Dogs

Tyson Bundt Cakes

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Quick, Easy & Delicious - Mini Bundt Cakes

  • Overwrapped trays store in the freezer until they are ready-to-use, eliminating waste and labor costs associated with baking desserts on-site.  
  • Thaw-&-Serve convenience reduces serving time and provides a consistent and impressive presentation.

High Liner Foods Chilean Salmon

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High Liner Chilean Salmon is a high quality product at a great price!

Buttery, rich and delicious, Chilean Salmon has a bright flesh and premium taste that’s great for everyday 
occasions and pairs perfectly with your popular Salmon recipes. Harvested from sustainable aquaculture 
farms, FPI® Chilean Salmon has Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 
certification.  It is also minimally processed and frozen to lock in Chile’s world-renown premium quality.

Fall in Love with Fall Produce

Featured Items for Fall

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Kraft Summer Time

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English Cucumbers & Strawberries

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Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing

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KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP is sweet and tangy and oh-so-perfect in your favorite appetizer and sandwich recipes. You’ve used Miracle Whip in coleslaw and potato salad recipes and been wowed. Now take the leap and go for the chocolate cake or the banana bread. Then be prepared for a round of applause.


KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing is the original "bread spread" with the tangy zip that Americans love!


KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing adds unique taste to prepared salads and is ideal for entrees. Popular as a sandwich condiment.






  • KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing provides unsurpassed stability and performance as an ingredient in prepared dressings, prepared salads, and sauces and dips, and as a flavor sealer for entrees.
  • KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP is ideal for adding a tangy "Zip" to prepared salads, sandwiches and scratch-made dressings.
  • KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing provides flavor and stability that you can depend upon.​
  • Convenient jug has wider mouth for easier removal, screw-tight cap that won't pop off and an easy-grip handle that's sealed at the ends to keep product out.







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Great for Snacking, and Perfect for Baking or as a Delicious Topping. 

An American Favorite!


JET-PUFFED brand leads the category in marshmallows, because they deliver superior taste and texture. Desserts made with marshmallows have surpassed cupcakes as the most popular treat. Capitalize on this sweet trend and captivate customers with amazing desserts created with the #1 marshmallow brand, JET-PUFFED from Kraft.




Explore Kraft Recipes for videos, cooking tips, holiday recipes and much, much more at Kraft Recipes.


New Mexico New Items Tortillas & Chips

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Tortilla's and Chips

New Mexico New Items Rotella’s Bread

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Rotella's Bread New Items


Marble Bread Sliced                                         Tomato Basil Hoagie                                       Oval Rye Sliced 

New Mexico New Items Gran Sabor

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Introducing "Precocidos" (pre-cooked)  Gran Sabor

We are proud to present the complete line of "fully cooked" Gran Sabor Fajitas.  These items are produced with the Especial Flavoring profile and come in the convenient 2/5 lb packaging.  All three flavors are versatile and easy to use, and will meet the customers needs beyon the traditional fajita plate.  Down Load PDF


Gran Sabor Tortilla Chips

Gran Sabor is Ben E. Keith's exclusive line of Hispanic & Latin offerings.  Each product is designed for great flavor and great taste.  Gran Sabor introduces their new line of tortilla chips available in yellow and white corn.  Down Load PDF


Gran Sabor Spice Line

Introducing the new Gran Sabor Spice Line, a Ben E. Keith Exclusive.  This line of spices is designed to add big flavor - without the big price.  Each spice brings its own unique and distinct flavor in what has proven to be optimal packaging.  Down Load PDF

Wayne Farms Maple Cinnamon Apple Chicken Sausage

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Wayne Farms "Chef's Craft" Gourmet

Maple Cinnamon Apple Chicken Sausage

Delicious chicken sausage accented by sweet apple with a hint of cinnamon.  Wayne Farms "Chef's Craft" Gourmet chicken sausages are all natural, 100% farm raised and gluten free.

Always Fresh, Never Frozen!

Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

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Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

Always Ripe, Always Ready

Today, flavor and function lead the ingredient priority list, and canned pears fill the bill with convenience to spare. Use the juicy goodness and bright taste of canned pears to enhance salads, sandwiches, entrees and elegant desserts.

Gran Sabor Spices

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GRAN SABOR literally translates to Great Flavor or Great Taste....and what adds more taste and flavor than spices?  This line of spices is designed to add big flavor - without the big price. Each spice brings its own unique and distinct flavor in what has proven to be optimal packaging.

One key point - just because these spices are under the Gran Sabor Brand, does NOT limit their uses to Hispanic or Latino cusine. Anywhere one of these spices can be used would be a prime application.

Get with your Ben E. Keith Sales Representative today, they are in stock now!

Markon Blackberries, Blueberries & Strawberries

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Markon Berries

Rediscover why you loved to eat berries when you were a kid… bright red strawberries, plump blackberries, & bright blueberries await you. Secure your berry order with Ben E. Keith today and reclaim your childlike wonder

New Ventura Golden Harvest Dressings

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Jalapeno Ranch  A spicy variation of Ranch Dressing that is great on salads and tostadas.


Chipotle Mayonnaise A smoky jalapeno mayonnaise with garlic, cumin and Mexican spices.


Toasted Sesame Dressing  The nutty flavor of the toasted sesame oil really makes this Toasted Sesame Dressing stand out.  This dressing would make a great dip for pot stickers or egg rolls and it is really great on salad too!


Italian Vinaigrette Dressing  A zesting favorite that works well as a marinade and dressing.

Gran Sabor Makes Fajitas Easier & Delicious

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Gran Sabor

Gran Sabor offers a complete line of beef fajitas for every taste.  Each profile can be blended to fit a wide range of applications within any operation.

Gran Sabor La Cocina

Gran Sabor La Cocina is a very vibrant South Texas/Tex-Mex blend with the presence of coarse ground black pepper.  It is the perfect base to begin with & let your culinary imagination run wild & it is MSG Free.

Gran Sabor Especial

Gran Sabor Especial is the traditional Mexican flavor with hints of black pepper & a mild chipotle pepper finish.  It is ready to cook straight out of the box.

Seaboard Prairie Fresh Premium Pork

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Seaboard Prairie Fresh Premium Pork


Prairie Fresh Pork Brisket Steak      Prairie Fresh PorterHouse Pork Chops     Beef & Pork Ground Blend (60/40)

Things to Consider on Pork Cuts

The degree of leanness

Modern-day production has reduced pork's fat content. In fact, pork is a major contender in the lean meat category, and many cuts of pork are as lean or leaner than chicken.

How you'll cook it

If time is limited, you'll want to select a smaller cut, like pork chops that cook quickly. If you're entertaining and have several other dishes to prepare, you may want to choose a roast that can be put in the oven and requires very little attention.

Number of people to be served

The "average" serving size for pork is 3 ounces of cooked meat. Start with 4 ounces of boneless, raw pork to yield 3 ounces of cooked pork. A 3-ounce serving is about the size of a deck of cards.


To get the most for your money, take the time to figure out the cost per serving. Some boneless cuts may seem more expensive, but actually are a better buy because you are not paying for the bone. Calculating cost per serving is a better measure of value and can be calculated with this formula: Cost per serving = Cost per pound / # of servings per pound.

#1 Take Out Day of the Year

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Super Bowl is the #1 take out day of the year

Get your share of the "take out game" by providing a variety of options both for in-house dining and to-go.  Always give the option for your customers to take their meal to-go.  At Ben E. Keith we have everything you need to make this a winning season.

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