Gandy’s Brand Milks

Gandy’s Brand Milks

Gandy's Brand Milks

Trumoo Chocolate Milk

TruMoo Chocolate Milk isn’t just a tasty treat to enjoy every now and then. It’s a nutritious choice for the whole family, and one that can be served every day.

DairyPure® Whole Milk

We are proud to introduce new DairyPure® brand white milk from our trusted regional dairy brands. We are passionate about the purity of your milk, which is why every DairyPure® product is held to our exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise:

  1. No Artificial Growth Hormones*
  2. All milk is tested for antibiotics
  3. Continually quality tested to ensure purity
  4. From cows fed a healthy diet
  5. Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy


For more product and ordering information, ask your district sales representative.

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Gandy’s Brand Milks Products

DairyPure Whole White Milk 14 OZ ESL 136368 12/14 OZ
TruMoo Chocolate Whole 14 OZ ESL 136369 12/14 OZ