Carla’s Pasta Homemade Filled Pastas

Carla’s Pasta Homemade Filled Pastas

Our authentic pastas are then precooked to perfection, giving our customers hand-made quality pastas ready to serve in minutes from their own kitchens. Delizioso!

Home-made filled pastas, Italian Sauces and Pestos, made from fresh ingredients, the flavors of home.


The Carla's Difference

It all begins with our Lamination Process, which replicates hand kneading, providing thinner better feel vs. extruded dough, while at the same time being strong enough to withstand the rigors of preparation.

We use the very best high quality, fresh and natural ingredients to make and fill our wholesome pastas. The result is a high quality minimalistic approach to making pasta.

Not all items are available at all locations.

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Carla’s Pasta Homemade Filled Pastas Products

Manicotti Cheese 383017 6/12 CT
Manicotti Cheese 383586 60/2.7 OZ
Ravioli Cheese Medium Cooked 383020 3/3.33 LB
Tortellini Rainbow Cooked 383031 4/2.5 LB
Pasta Sample Kit 114689 1/113 CT
Pasta Sheet Egg Cooked 383989 40/4 OZ
Pasta Sheet Egg Cooked 383034 2/5 LB
Ravioli Meat Breaded 383684 1/6 LB
Ravioli Cheese Jumbo Round 383679 3/2.5 LB
Ravioli Cheese Square 383696 4/2 LB
Ravioli Jumbo Braised Beef 111183 2/2.5 LB
Ravioli Lobster Striped Square 383800 2/2.5 LB
Ravioli Meat Square Cooked 383724 200/.65 OZ
Ravioli Sausage Jumbo 383697 1/7.5 LB
Ravioli Seafood Jumbo 383735 3/2.5 LB
Sandwich Lasagna Stacker 370780 68/3.5 OZ
Sauce Basil Pesto 483861 3/30 OZ
Sauce Pesto Chipolte 483721 3/30 OZ
Sauce Pesto Sundried Tomato 483890 3/30 OZ
Sauce Pesto Wild Mushroom 483877 3/30 OZ
Stromboli Crispy Bite 111184 2/3 LB
Tortellini Cheese W/ Egg Pasta 383792 4/3 LB
Tortellini Rainbow Cooked 383787 3/3 LB