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i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Introducing exclusive new selection of ice cream.  With Premium Vanilla, Premium Vanilla Bean, and Premium Homemade Vanilla from Ellington Farms and Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry from Keith Valley, you’ll find quality products for a variety of menu items. 

“Ice cream is the number one dessert in foodservice,” said Wes Holcomb, Director of Produce and Dairy.  “We are excited to roll out a new line of ice cream for Ellington Farms, and Keith Valley, to help our customers elevate their dessert offerings.”

Trusted quality. High flavor. Low cost. The time to get into the ice cream business is now.  Ice cream is the number one dessert in all of retail and food service.  Savvy operators don’t want to miss their chance to create a signature dessert that has customers coming back for more.  The wilder, the better. 

Nothing is off limits when creating a customer experience that they won’t forget.  Pound cake, waffles, and muffins are all fair game for ice cream sandwiches.  Elevate your presentation with unexpected twists.  For the rich center, feature Keith Valley Chocolate ice cream. This deep chocolate flavor is one of the reasons why 42% of consumers would visit a restaurant just for their ice cream sandwich offerings.  Give them something to talk about.

Milkshakes more your style?  Deliciously creamy, with fresh chunks of strawberry mixed right in. Keith Valley Strawberry is the perfect stand-alone dessert choice, the base of a milkshake, or extreme float, topped with popcorn, candy, and a cupcake. 54% of consumers say they would order a milkshake for dessert.  Scoop up some decadence and serve with confidence. 

Need a refresher?  Here’s a little Ice Cream 101 to get you started on important terms you need to know:


The amount of a frozen dessert’s fat derived from milk, cream, buttermilk, sweet whey and or other dairy ingredients.     


The portion of the solids in milk that does not include the butterfat, such as lactose (natural milk sugar) and naturally occurring proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Amount of air incorporated into ice cream.  Tip: less overrun = the more creamy, which is perceived as higher quality.




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