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Fax: 254-752-3501


320 S. University Parks Drive Waco, Texas 76701

General Manager

David Underwood

Assistant General Manager

Gary Holcomb

About Waco

The Ben E. Keith Waco Branch, known as the Central Division, was purchased from Hack Branch Jr. in August of 2005. Hack’s family originally purchased the business in October of 1966. Located on the banks of the Brazos River and a few blocks from downtown, the Central Division services McLennan, Hill, and Bosque county with Anheuser-Busch InBev brands. In addition, the branch also services Bell, Coryell, Milan and Falls county with specialty brands. The Central Division has a total square footage of 61,165; with 30,665 sq. feet of package space and 1,200 sq. feet of refrigerated keg space.

Economic Impact

Description Jobs Wages Contribution
Direct Economic Impact 876 $24,512,562 $52,776,894
Supplier Impact 306 $15,171,618 $60,231,303
Induced Impact 506 $21,337,996 $76,255,481
Total 1,688 $61,022,176 $189,263,678
--------------------------- -------------------------- ---------------------------- -----------------------
Taxes Generated
Federal $34,528,808
State and Local $30,489,426
Total $65,018,234
--------------------------- ------------------------ --------------------------- -----------------------
Consumption Taxes Paid
Federal $10,327,507
State and Local $274,846,435
Excise $3,494,301
Sales and Other $24,352,134
Total $38,173,942