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El Paso

12170 Rojas St. Suite A-B, El Paso TX 79936

Sales Manager

Nick Mendoza

General Manager

Michael Hernandez

About El Paso

The Ben E. Keith El Paso Branch was established in 2009 as our sales of crafts and imports grew in west Texas. The need for a facility in west Texas became a priority as brands like New Belgium, Dog Fish Head, and Real Ale gained popularity. The total square footage of this branch is 6,176 with 3,686 sq. feet for package beer and 1,019 sq. feet of refrigerated keg space.

Below you will find an economic impact report created to show the impact the total beverage industry has in the territory Abilene covers. This is not just the impact of Ben E. Keith but that of the industry in general.

Economic Impact

Description Jobs Wages Contribution
Direct Economic Impact 1,968 $58,990,431 $133,711,645
Supplier Impact 552 $34,199,401 $148,001,947
Induced Impact 896 $41,041,545 $158,041,461
Total 3,416 $134,231,377 $439,755,053
----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
Taxes Generated
Federal $30,449,793
State and Local $26,778,049
Total $57,227,842
----------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------
Consumption Taxes Paid
Federal $8,648,400
State and Local $23,318,998
Excise $2,926,177
Sales and Other $20,392,821
Total $31,967,398