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Since the repeal of Prohibition our Beverage Division has worked diligently to ensure we meet the standards set forth by our chairman and CEO. We strive to provide excellent customer service with a smile while covering distribution throughout the state of Texas. Our fourteen operational distribution facilities and seven remote sales offices employ over 1,200 people who make it a priority to deliver quality service and products to all of our supporting retailers. Now in our 108th year of business, the company continues to excel in providing the best for our community.

Vision Statement

“To be the best and most efficient distributor of beverage products to retailers everywhere.”
-Robert Hallam; Chairman of the Board

Mission Statement

To position our work force as the leader in the industry by continuing to provide exemplary education, quality of life and clearly defined goals and standards. To pro-actively focus in exceeding the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers with advanced technology and superior service combined with a strong work ethic. To expand our boundaries and constantly seek opportunities for future growth of our company. To provide long-term profitability while maintaining Ben E. Keith’s unmatched tradition of excellence and uncompromising values.