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Fax: 940-387-3623


2801 North I-35 Denton, Texas 76207

Sales Manager

Joel Lipe

General Manager

Don Fischer

About Denton

The Denton branch was established by former Ben E. Keith President, Troy LaGrone. Troy was the Assistant General Manager in Dallas, but was assigned as the Denton Branch Manager once Denton County went wet. The warehouse was constructed on Interstate 35, and opened in 1978. Business was so good in Denton at that time that the company had to add onto the warehouse only one year later, in 1979. This was the last time Troy LaGrone ever built a warehouse too small. The branch was remodeled one more time in 1995 and has a total square footage of 121,862; with 40,149 sq. feet of package space and 2,142 sq. feet of refrigerated keg space.

Below you will find an economic impact report created to show the impact the total beverage industry has in the territory Denton covers. This is not just the impact of Ben E. Keith but that of the industry in general.

Economic Impact

Description Jobs Wages Contribution
Direct Economic Impact 3,113 $92,243,390 $238,190,179
Supplier Impact 987 $52,559,624 $204,829,777
Induced Impact 1,689 $73,198,482 $261,319,202
Total 5,789 $218,001,496 $704,339,158
--------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------
Taxes Generated
Federal $49,294,785
State & Local $43,019,238
Total $92,314,023
------------------------ ---------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------
Consumption Taxes Paid
Federal $13,864,202
State & Local $37,382,555
Excise $7,690,938
Sales & Other $32,691,618
Total $51,246,758