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1805 Record Crossing Dallas, Texas 75235

General Manager

Jason Bush

Assistant General Manager

Jeff Stillwell

About Dallas

The Dallas Beverage Division was founded in 1933 at the repeal of Prohibition. Originally beer was sold from a combined produce and beer warehouse located on Pearl St in downtown Dallas where the Dallas Farmers Market now stands, and later from a warehouse on Good Latimer. After beer and produce business operations were separated in the 1960's, the first "Dallas Beer" warehouse was built on Canton Street just east of downtown Dallas. Dallas Beer was relocated to its current location on Record Crossing in 1984.  Since then the facility has gone through many additions to accommodate the rapid growth of our sales and market share. Dallas Beer became Dallas Beverage in 2007 when the company started selling other beverage products in addition to beer.  Known as the Dallas Division, it is currently servicing Dallas, Ellis, and Collin County, as well as a hub for the state for Specialty products. The Dallas Division delivers products to 4,000 customers in these counties, by a fleet of over 100 trucks, and employs over 400 people. The facilities that make up the division have a total of 352,312 sq feet, with 158,680 sq feet of controlled environment warehouse space, 39,554 sq feet of refrigerated warehouse space, 55,032 sq feet of dry warehouse space and dock, and 99,046 of office space.

Below you will find an economic impact report created to show the impact the total beverage industry has in the territory Dallas covers. This is not just Ben E. Keith, but that of the industry in general.

Economic Impact

Description Jobs Wages Contribution
Direct Economic Impact 8,125 $229,209,963 $555,196,330
Supplier Impact 2,764 $163,471,500 $636,989,653
Induced Impact $4,689 $217,351,576 $797,496,663
Total 15,578 $610,033,038 $1,989,682,645
----------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------
Taxes Generated
Federal $138,241,584
State and Local $118,946,529
Total $257,188,113
---------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
Consumption Taxes Paid
Federal $37,038,044
State and Local $99,867,033
Induced $12,531,782
Sales and Other $87,335,251
Total $136,905,077