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Fax: 903-886-4047


2248 Live Oak St. Commerce, Texas 75428

General Manager

Michael Williams

Sales Manager

Dwayne Sears

About Commerce

The Ben E. Keith Commerce Branch was established in 1973 as the first independent beer distribution center. It was quickly outgrown and a new distribution center was built in 1980 with a building addition also made in 1997. The Commerce branch is also known as “The East Texas Division”. The total square footage of this branch is 91,200 with 39,104 sq. feet for package beer and 1,809 sq. feet of refrigerated keg space.

Below you will find an economic impact report created to show the impact the total beverage industry has in the territory Commerce covers. This is not just the impact of Ben E. Keith but that of the industry in general.

Economic Impact

Description Jobs Wages Contribution
Direct Economic Impact 2,563 $62,351,861 $129,404,576
Supplier Impact 1,008 $53,203,398 $228,588,352
Induced Impact 1,596 $68,640,720 $259,925,677
Total 5,166 $184,195,979 $617,918,605
------------------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------
Taxes Generated
Federal $42,015,943
State and Local $37,774,242
Total $79,790,185
------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------------
Consumption Taxes Paid
Federal $12,439,356
State and Local $33,540,690
Excise $4,208,843
Sales and Other $29,331,848
Total $45,980,046